Live in Edmonds? What do you call yourself?


    Edmonds resident Seth Stark sent us an email recently, asking this burning question:

    “I moved to Edmonds a few years ago, my kids are involved in Pacific Little League, but I’ve always wondered, what am I called?

    “I’ve joked with friends:





    “I think it’s now a game where we make up the term each time we meet.

    “Can you answer the question?”

    We have to admit, in our eight-plus years of publishing My Edmonds News, this has never come up. So we decided to do a little research.

    We started with Katie Kelly, Director of the Edmonds Historical Museum. What’s the most common word Edmonds residents have used to describe themselves, historically speaking?

    Her response was Edmonds-ite.

    A variation on this name — Edmondite  — can be found in the museum archives from Dec. 21, 1923 (as reported in a Dec. 1, 2013 My Edmonds News column, This Month in Edmonds History):

    Among the Edmondites who attended the Civic Club Bazaar at Seattle Heights, were, Mrs. And Mrs. A.A. Campbell and daughter, Hope, Mrs. C.L. Weister, Mrs. Geo. Gillette and Marie Oake.

    Next we turned to Carolyn Douglas, an Edmonds native and former KING-TV broadcaster who assists the City of Edmonds with public information tasks:

    “The only term I have ever heard is ‘Edmondnites’...which never quite made sense to me as it drops the ‘s’ from Edmonds,” she replied. As an aside, she offered another term — “Bowlers” — for those living in the Edmonds Bowl.

    Then we asked Greg Urban, President and CEO of the Edmonds Chamber for Commerce, for his thoughts:

    “Edmonds-ite is what came to mind,” said Urban, who then offered a few other options:




    Perhaps the most creative response came from Luke Distelhorst, president of the Friends of the Edmonds Library. As someone who studies Pacific Northwest history, Distelhorst noted that Edmonds was either a misspelling of Point Edmund or the name of George Franklin Edmunds, a U.S. Senator from Vermont who was admired by Edmonds founder George Brackett.

    “Too often this is the case in our PNW history!” Distelhorst said. “Place names and their history are important. Should we be named after an east coast senator? Or a typo? Nay, I say!”

    Distelhorst’s suggestion?

    Bracketteer!” he said.This pays homage to George Brackett, who came from somewhere else but found Edmonds and loved it. Doesn’t that happen to most of us? We came from Seattle, California, or anywhere, and fell in love with this little town.

    “And, to be honest, it sounds like Buccaneer and who doesn’t love pirates? I’ve been waiting for our official city seal to add a jolly roger to the ferry…”

    So now, dear reader, it’s time for you to weigh in. If you live in Edmonds, what do you call yourself?

    — Teresa Wippel, Publisher

    7 Replies to “Live in Edmonds? What do you call yourself?”

    1. Still an Edmonds newbie, but I think none of these names work. I just say I live in Edmonds or downtown Edmonds, or if talking with a local, the Bowl. To me, that should be good enough for everyone.


    2. Moved out here from Phinney Ridge in 1979. I have always referred to myself as a Seattle native who lives in Edmonds. Most Edmonds locals I know simply say they live in Edmonds or call themselves Edmonds residents. Nothing such as Seattleite or Tacoman works with Edmonds. It is as difficult a place name as Everett when it comes to forming a new noun to describe its residents—in my opinion.


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