No decision yet by prosecutor on whether to charge Harvey’s employee with malicious harassment

The suspect left, at the door with the baseball bat, as captured on surveillance footage. (Photo from Edmonds police report)

A decision has not yet been made whether to formally charge a 45-year-old Lynnwood woman with malicious harassment for threatening two Edmonds teens who were taking photos for a school project near Harvey’s Lounge in February.

The Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office said April 11 that the case filed by Edmonds police is pending, with no timetable on when a decision will be made on charging the suspect.

The Lynnwood woman, an employee of Harvey’s, was arrested Feb. 14 on charges of malicious harassment in connection with racially motivated threats involving the two African American teenagers. The suspect is not being named because she has not been charged in court.

The event occurred Feb. 4 outside of the lounge, located in the 21100 block of Highway 99, Edmonds.

Police charging documents filed with the prosecutor’s office included a statement by one of the victims, an 18-year-old man — who said he feared for his safety after a woman from Harvey’s carrying a baseball bat threatened him and his 14-year-old sister, using a racial slur.

The 18-year-old said that he was afraid that “he would be seriously beaten up with the bat,” the police report said, and “felt he could have been another ‘Trayvon Martin.” Martin was a 17-year-old black teen killed in 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida.

The two teens interviewed at their home following the incident told police that they were taking pictures for a school project in the parking lot outside the Jack in the Box, located next door to Harvey’s, when a man came out of the bar and told them to leave.

The older teen discovered later that his wallet was missing and so he returned to look for it. He said he then saw a woman appear outside Harvey’s holding a baseball bat, and heard her say to him and his sister, “We want you n-word off the property.”

At first, the suspect told police she didn’t speak to the teens. Later, she admitted telling them to stay off the property, but denied using a racial slur. She told police that she was holding the bat to intimidate a customer who had just arrived.

However, police said the suspect’s actions on surveillance video — during which she swung the bat up and then brought it down to her side — contradicted what she originally said.

The suspect “maliciously and intentionally” committed malicious harassment because she specifically threatened the two teens “due to their race,” the report concluded. The suspect’s use of the baseball bat combined with the racial slur placed the older teen “in reasonable fear of harm,” the report added. The teens “believed harm was imminent if they didn’t get back into their car and drive away,” police said.





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9 Replies to “No decision yet by prosecutor on whether to charge Harvey’s employee with malicious harassment”

  1. What a sad, sad story this is. I am honestly shocked we’ve got someone here in Edmonds that apparently thinks it’s okay in 2018 to threaten teenagers with a baseball bat, much less to call them disgusting racial slurs while doing it. I’m glad they at least learned (the hard way!) what the community thinks about it, regardless of what the prosecutor decides.


  2. I am grateful that the prosecutor is thoroughly investigating this case and trust they will make the right decision based on the laws of our country and not on emotion.


  3. It is appalling to think that there is any hesitation on this. Not charging her sends a message that such behavior is ok. And it just adds to the shock of this happening that her first explanation (proven a lie by video) was that she only had the baseball bat to intimidate a customer that had just arrived. It is bad enough that she used racial slurs and threatens teenagers but what kind of a place is Harvey’s that their employees threaten customers with a baseball bat?


  4. Change a few senarios like 1) the gender and color of (potentually) racist bat yielding woman and “violators” 2) the location of Harvey’s to downtown Edmonds rather than Hwy 99 in Lynnwood. Chances are – local political “leaders” and citizen outrage increases, plus.. Prosecutor would not drag feet.


  5. I think it’s important to clarify that this is being delayed in the Prosecutor’s Office, and has nothing to do with the Edmonds PD. They’re done their job/investigation. Now it’s a waiting game.


  6. Can I ask everyone to pump the brakes just a minute on the assumption the Prosecutor’s office is dragging their feet?

    Please remember EPD brought the Feds into the investigation, based upon the evidence collected and what their knowledge and experience indicated likely to have occurred. I could be wrong, but the fact EPD brought in the Feds tells me they believe a possible hate crime or civil right’s crime occurred.

    Federal and local prosecution of crime are two different processes. Trust the local prosecutor is working in the best interest of the victims, their family and the citizens. The local prosecutor’s office may be 2nd in line to proceed with charges. Which could be an advantage to winning a case.

    Additionally, trust Teresa and the MEN team to communicate any facts available.


  7. We’re talking about a “Hate Crime” here that was not taken lightly. A lot of police hours were spent on this crime – there was video to back up teen’s account and shed light on lies told by female employee at Harvey’s and that’s why she was arrested. From Edmonds PD: Sgt.McClure said that police took their time to develop the case so they had probable cause to make an arrest, and he credited the efforts of Det. Govantes. “She’s been working non-stop on this case and it’s been her only case since it was reported.” It’s not like the prosecutor is looking at a “he said-she said” scenario.


  8. I appreciate how upset everyone is about this (I am too) but I hope the prosecutor makes a decision based on what there’s evidence to convict this woman of. Putting everyone through the expense of a trial just to have her walk away at the end of it really isn’t going to help anybody.


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