Psychotherapist, athletic club partnering to present class on mindfulness


Harbor Square Athletic Club is teaming up with a local psychotherapist to bring a new kind of “fitness” class to Edmonds-area residents.

According to teacher Peggy Farah, an Edmonds-based psychotherapist, the class “will not involve physical movement but rather will be focused on stretching the mind, flexing the heart and energizing the spirit.”

Called Thrive, the hour-long class offered on the third Monday of the month will feature mindfulness instruction, facilitated discussion, personal reflection on relevant topics and guided meditation.

“We now know that it is not possible to attain peak physical health without paying attention to our mental and emotional well
being,” Farah said. “The evidence supporting the mind-body connection is well established and becoming more
widely accepted by the general public.”

Farah said that Harbor Square seemed like a natural fit for the program “because they are so community-oriented and are truly invested in the total well being of their members.”

A member of Harbor Square herself, Farah approached club management with the idea of partnering on the Thrive program earlier this year. “The club was excited to bring this unique offering to their existing members but also to open it up to the wider community so that anyone who is interested can participate,” Farah said.

Each month, the class will feature a different wellness theme. Examples of topics include cultivating joy, finding balance, dissolving stress and nourishing relationships. The next Thrive class will be Monday, April 16 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in the mind-body studio at Harbor Square Athletic Club.

Class size is restricted and so pre-registration is required. You can register by calling Harbor Square at 425-778-3546 or visit

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