Restaurant review: Opening of Salish Crossing’s Thai By Day worth the wait


Special review on Thai By Day– I couldn’t wait until next week to share this one.

I have a new favorite Thai food restaurant. Thai By Day opened this week at Salish Crossing in Edmonds, and I predict the owner — known as Day — will be very busy, very soon. So readers… as my favorite foodie pal would say — “Go Now!”

Each item we tasted was amazing. On the first visit we started with the appetizers — almost all of the appetizers, in fact — and finished with desserts. I’ll go back soon for another round, or two — soups, salads, rice and noodle dishes, curries and plates that feature northern style curry — and other enticing main entrees on the next visit. And there will be many next visits.

We were greeted at the front door by smiling staff, and a stove.

“What’s the story on the stove?”

Day says “it’s symbolic.” He invites everyone to his kitchen, to share his cuisine.

Thai iced tea

We are seated and promptly treated to Thai iced tea, the likes of which I’ve never tasted before. The top third of the glass is filled with a cloud of thick cream, dusted with sea salt. Balance of tastes: the sweet cream, salt topping and the sweet tea. It was like beginning with dessert first, which was OK by me.

For appetizers, the category on the menu is called “Bites,” but each serving is a meal in itself.

“So many choices.” I ask Day for some recommendations.

Garlic green beans, and the Num Prik Ong

His favorite is called Num Prik Ong, a spicy chicken and tomato dip, served up with slightly steamed vegetables.

Also recommended are the garlic green beans. Although a standard on many menus, these are superior. Super crisp on the inside, wilted just slightly by hot oil so that the panko crumb and roasted garlic stick to the beans — oh yeah — and the portion generous enough to share with a friend, or two.

Pla Meuk Karage — crispy squid legs

I’m always intrigued by the unusual, so was excited to try Pla Meuk Karage — lightly breaded crispy squid legs served with a sweet plum sauce. Presentation on this item — and all items, for that matter — is delightful. Squid tentacles are arranged to curl around and hold the tin of sauce in the basket. Too cute and so tender they melt in the mouth.

Gui Chai — pan-fried chive dumplings

Another choice — Gua Chai — features pan-fried chive dumplings served with sweet soy sauce vinaigrette. Impossible to leave these darlings alone — the outside crisp gives way to the most perfectly creamy mashed potato filling you can imagine, and you can eat it with your fingers.

Even though these Bites were ample enough to satisfy me and a friend for lunch, I always have to try something sweet.

We settled on two of the dessert options.

Coconut ice cream sandwich

Coconut ice cream sandwiches — a deconstructed dessert. The velvet textured ice cream fills a terracotta flower pot and is topped with “dirt” of the crushed chocolate sandwich. Mint leaf sprouts from the crumb/soil. It’s a whimsical presentation, with stellar ingredients: the recipe for an outstanding dessert.

Chocolate fondue

Since there were two of us dining we got a second sweet dessert, the chocolate fondue. Day offers a German sweet chocolate dip and serves it up with seasonal fruit. Beautiful fruit carved into interesting shapes and a delightful fresh finish to our rich meal.

Attention to detail goes beyond the food. The decor in the space took some time; the old restaurant venue underwent a transformation. Edison light bulbs sprout out of plumbing fixtures on the walls and table tops are supported by wrought iron work —  one rests on an old treadle sewing machine bottom. The tiles on the floor have beautiful designs and coordination of seats with the color scheme in the outdoor signs and menus, all are add to the ambiance in the space.

They say good things are worth waiting for. I say Thai By Day fits that bill.

Can’t wait to go back and taste of the rest of the menu categories.

Thai by Day
182 Sunset Ave

Menu on their Facebook page.

— By Kathy Passage


5 Replies to “Restaurant review: Opening of Salish Crossing’s Thai By Day worth the wait”

  1. My dining companion said, “After just one bite, I have a new favorite Thai restaurant.” I must agree after noshing our way through complimentary shrimp chips, two dishes completely new to us, and an order of Pla Meuk Karage — crispy squid legs, the agreement was made and we’d be back to continue an adventure through the fantastic Northern Thai/Japanese fusion menu.


  2. Based on the glowing reviews here, I tried Thai by Day with a friend tonight. The so-called fusion food was disgusting.

    We tried the shrimp tempura with red curry, and something with chicken. The tempura was doughy. The shrimp was flavorless, most likely frozen. The chicken was dry. We sent everything back. to the kitchen.

    The wait staff was lovely. But based on the lousy food, we won’t won’t be going back.


  3. I have seldom had worse food: gooey, limp, tasteless… Fairly noisy space, too – with hard surfaces everywhere.

    I hate to discourage a new business, especially one with such nice staff, but Thai by Day has a LONG way to go before it will lure me in again. Go to Amata Thai, or the Thai Cottage; the former seem more adventurous.


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