Reminder: Tree board April 5 to discuss draft plan for managing Edmonds’ trees

Tree canopy in Edmonds. (Photo from draft urban forest management plan)

Citizens are invited to attend the Thursday, April 5 meeting of the Edmonds Citizens’ Tree Board to learn more about the city’s draft urban forest management plan.

The draft plan for managing Edmonds’ trees is posted online here. It calls for more activities to maintain the tree canopy in Edmonds and to proactively manage trees in public places. Suggestions include planting more trees, establishing a tree bank, inventorying public trees, updating city regulations, and launching a heritage tree program. Some activities would need more city resources; others might fit within existing programs.

The Tree Board meeting begins at 6 p.m. April 5 in the City Council Chambers at 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. An open house and other public meetings are being planned for April and May.

After a public input period and consideration by the city’s tree board and Edmonds Planning Board, the draft urban forest management plan will be discussed by the Edmonds City Council, probably starting in June. The city council would decide whether to approve the plan with any changes.

6 Replies to “Reminder: Tree board April 5 to discuss draft plan for managing Edmonds’ trees”

  1. It would be nice if the Board could convince property owners to cut back branches that obscure STOP signs, street signs, etc. Not seeing the signs can be a safety issue.


  2. We are neighbors to a tree that obscures the street sign. People whiz by and can’t read the sign for the cul de sac. It’s a good point for the discussion this evening.
    Tree Board member


  3. The City’s Administration should be contacted for issue regarding trees and the obscuring of signs. This is not a Tree Board role.


  4. How about establishing a building permit that, by code, maintained two beautiful old growth firs only to cut them down when construction begins because they have subsequently been found to be “diseased”. Does anybody check this stuff (tree related) as part of the construction inspection buy-off process??????

    This is what’s going on regularly and needs to be addressed. Not whether a sign is obscured.


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