College Place Elementary, community installs new edible garden


Students, teachers and community members gathered at College Place Elementary School (20401 76th Ave. W.) on Saturday morning to build a new edible garden.

Troughs were used to create the vegetable planters. Groups also planted trees on a hill in the center of the school’s courtyard.

The troughs were filled with compost, and a few starters were planted, including asparagus, cabbage and chives, among others.

College Place teachers Veronica Mun and Jessica Braun originally pitched the project and sought out grant funding. They said the project became much bigger than they imagined, and they are excited to see it happen.

They added that the garden will not only help third graders learn about the plant life cycle, but also could inspire writing and math lessons for students.

Tia Scarce, president of the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club, said the project has gotten the club out of the Edmonds Bowl, and she’s glad to see the impact it will have on the community.

“These kids will always have this experience,” she said. “They’ll look at food in a different way than someone who never saw a garden develop.”

The project was made possible by a $2,000 Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant, as well as donations from local groups and private donors.

“The College Place Elementary Garden is an admirable endeavor, creating an environment for learning how to cultivate and grow fresh produce for College Place families,” said Ron Heitritter, chairman of the Edmonds United Methodist Church Mission Endowment Committee. “The Edmonds United Methodist Church is delighted to be one of the grant sponsors to the project.”

“I think the kids benefit from seeing food growing,” said donor Donna Seaberg.

“When they see food growing, they eat it,” said donor Swan Seaberg.

Local non-profit Farmer Frog provided tools and training for setting up the garden, and will provide additional ongoing training.

Community members will be tending to the garden over the summer months when school is out.

–Story and photos by Natalie Covate

2 Replies to “College Place Elementary, community installs new edible garden”

  1. I hope teachers Veronica Mun and Jessica Braun will be able to tell me the type of trees that were planted at the College Place garden.

    As a member of the Edmonds Tree Board I am happy to find out about the tree planting. I would like to be able to share the information at our June 7 meeting.


  2. I know that the teachers at CPE would be happy to share that information. I expect they are busy in their classrooms with fidgety 1st & 3rd graders &-) I can either pass along your request to them for their response or perhaps I can get that information for you. Whichever you prefer. Thanks for your interest!


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