Discussion about Universal Healthcare ballot initiative in Edmonds May 17


The Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition (ENAC) will meet Thursday, May 17 to discuss the Washington State Universal Healthcare ballot initiative, I-1600. Guest speakers will include Washington State Sen. Maralyn Chase and Cindy Jacobs from Whole Washington.

The meeting is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. May 17 at My Sister’s Place, 8304 212th St. S.W., Edmonds. It is free and open to all.

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  1. Time to mobilize to fight this initiative…California figured out that it would bankrupt their state!


    1. WA I-1600 is not the same as California was considering. Apples & Oranges. Don’t confuse the two. See yeson1600.org for details on this important initiative.


    2. Donald, concerning CA’s SB562, where’s your evidence that it would bankrupt the state?

      This is a rhetorical question because I know for a fact that it not only “wouldn’t bankrupt the state” but would actually SAVE the state approximately 37 billion dollars every year!


      “SB 562, the Healthy California Act, would cut current spending on healthcare in California by 18 percent – and produce substantial savings for households in healthcare costs as a share of their income, and California businesses, which would also see reduced payroll costs for health care expenditures, according to new research findings released this week.

      Most importantly, the bill would guarantee full health coverage for all Californians, without the devastating deductibles and co-pays that prompt many to ration needed care. The study notes that 36 percent of all insured Californians, 12 million people, remain underinsured – paying for premiums but often unable to access care due to high out of pocket costs – and another 7.5 percent, 2.7 million Californians, remain fully uninsured, even with improvements under the Affordable Care Act.

      Significantly the proposed plan would sharply reduce what middle-income California families now spend out of pocket for health care costs as a share of their income by up to 9 percent.

      In sum- the savings amount to a 9 percent raise for California workers.”





    3. Moving the CA economy to a single payer plan is estimated to save the state 37 billion dollars a year. How does that savings bankrupt the state?


      1. “Where’s your evidence that it would bankrupt the state?” <- Its called emperical evidence, and people who oppose single payer won't have emperical evidence until after we're bankrupt (just like dozens of California cities are legally bankrupt).
        How much did California's high-speed train say it would cost them? #SamePeople


        1. The scientific evidence does not support the bankrupt claims.

          If your opinion is that it would bankrupt the state, what is the opinion logically based on? Or, is it merely a guess?


        2. Dave Leith. The burden of proof in on those who’d refuse to let my family opt out. Point to the state-country that has successfully controlled healthcare costs by socializing medicine. Note that we already have a predominantly socialized system. Economics is science. The reason why TV sets get better and cheaper is the opposite reason why healthcare keeping getting more expensive in paractically ever first world nation.


  2. I’m so thankful to Whole Washington for presenting a viable option for All Washingtonians when we the people have been abandoned by both the state and federal legislature. As a veteran who has served abroad in countries that provide universal healthcare and having a sister who receives excellent care under the Canadian system, it is truly time to do a People Powered initiative until such time that we once again are represented by our legislature. I’ll continue to gather signatures even though my family has VA benefits because I know I served a country that is better than abandoning so many people to death and medical bankruptcy. As far as policy and how it will be funded and implemented, it doesn’t get more crystal clear than this interview! https://www.indivisiblepodcast.org/ep-64-how-would-initiative-1600-bring-universal-coverage-to-washington/


      1. “The VA causes homelessness by fostering dependence and making vets wait in cues.”

        Where’s your supporting evidence for this? Without it, your conclusions are suspect.


        1. My evidence is all the homelesd veterans. My evidence is the scandals surrounding the VA, namely creating fake lists of veterans who are in cues to make it appear veterans arent waiting until they die to be seen. The VA asked vets, “where’s your evidence of Gulf War Syndrome?”, “Agent Orange, where’s your evidence?”


  3. It is about time! If you live here you know the disparities in healthcare coverage and cost. And how big a portion of your expenses health insurance AND healthcare costs are for your family.

    I-1600 changes all of that for everyone. It will save us 9 BILLION dollars over what we are spending now on crap healthcare for a few of us. It includes dental, prescriptions, eyes, and ears – for all of us. And we save 9 BILLION DOLLARS.

    Imagine – life without worrying about how you are going to pay for it, if it is covered and if it is are you going to be able to pay for it. It is all in there and we save 9 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

    Please sign the petition and have all your friends sign too. We need Single Payer or Medicare for All, so the citizens of Washington State will have one less thing to worry about… we can all go forth with healthcare and be well… and save 9 BILLION DOLLARS


  4. This really is an intelligence test. Not to beat up Norway [again] but they pay more for healthcare than we do. So does Switzerland. Some counties that ration care still pay almost as much as we do. Canadian healthcare is like Canadian national defense – they come to us when they really need it.

    Even before the ACA, *most* of the US healthcare system already was *single-payer* in the form of Medicaid, Medicare, not mentioning prescription drug benefits. The solutiom to cheap healthcare is right in front of us: abortions. Women can get abortions in the hospitals, but the reason they don’t is because it cost too much. I want deregulated healthcare from specialty clinics too. I want the same healthcare our dogs can get. I want the same healthcare that I can get as a medical tourist to Mexico. Planned Parenthood is a regulatory model for American healthcare. Its my body.

    When government helped college become affordable, it exploded. When government helped housing become affordable, it exploded. Government has been helping us afford healthcare since the 70’s. How’s it going so far?


    1. @Matthew

      Government is not the problem. Healthcare corporations are the problem.

      “Not to beat up Norway [again] but they pay more for healthcare than we do. So does Switzerland.”

      Please cite your evidence for this.


      1. Dave I don’t blame you for not knowing this. The information has been purposefully obfuscated via PPP, which is a spending unit that attempts to adjust for purchasing power of each nation. NationMaster used to publish nominal spending per capita, but has since moved to use PPP. The reason why OECD et all started publishing healthcare numbers in PPP is because they observed out of control costs of socialized medicine (the US has been predominantly socialized for more than a decade), so they put the costs in PPP so that rate of increase on individual country is partially negated by the rate of increase in other countries. PPP doesn’t properly explain why the US spends more for K-12 Education than any other nation (which is a good thing?) any better than why we spend more in healthcare according in PPP (which is a bad thing?). By the numbers Zimbabwe has both the US beat in terms of providing affordable K-12 education and healthcare.

        If PPP is to be trusted, then the world should be shocked to know that British citizens are poorer than any US state, maybe outside of Mississippi.

        It really depends on what numbers you want to use and whose thumb is on the scale.


  5. Denying someone healthcare is morally wrong. Coming together to solve this problem is right.


      1. @Matthew Richardson

        Yes (at least temporarily), one is not required to enroll until 51% of residents in the state do.


        1. Dave, Prop 8 passed at 52.24%. According to mob rule, gays shouldn’t be able to be married in California. I don’t think voting is the best way to determine what individual choices aren’t allowed.


  6. @Donald Williams

    “The 9 billion dollar savings is a lie…it will cost a LOT more than that.”

    Don, why do you keep saying that without citing your source that supports your claim?

    ” … it is a Trojan Horse for State Income TAX… ”

    Care to elaborate? The 1% tax is a “dedicated tax” that goes into the whole Washington health trust to be used for “healthcare purposes only.” These revenues ARE NOT subject to the general fund to be spent for whatever reason the legislature deems necessary.

    “Don’t bring La-La land to Washington State…”

    This appears to be confined to certain areas of your prefrontal cortex.

    “Single-payer healthcare could cost $400 billion to implement in California.”

    Don, I already addressed this in my previous comment. One cannot make a proper assessment by looking at only the “expenditure side” of the equation!

    Again, here is the simple graphic that depicts what I’m talking about.


    And again, here is the full study:


    Can we simply have an openness to learn?


    1. “Can we simply have an openness to learn?”

      Yes, let’s start by figuring out why healthcare prices in practically EVERY first world nation has increased 10-fold since the 60’s, then simply undo everything that was enacted since then which attributed to the exacerbation.

      Try to answer this, why is healthcare so expensive when it used to be so cheap? Why can’t I buy health insurance with a high delectable? Why am I prohibited from buying insurance across state lines?


  7. As a Veteran, I’ve opted to pay for my own health care – as “cash pay.” We’ve gone to Samaritan’s Ministry and left behind the expense of high premiums and deductibles. While I continue to advocate for Veterans and our families, the VA has a long road ahead before it is a system we would want to duplicate.

    While we can point to “studies” that show savings or impact, let’s look at historical data – anything produced by the states that “show” savings should be questioned. City and State governments are not known for being smart money managers. They attempt to “tax” their way to savings.


    1. I joined a socialism too, by choice. Samaritan’s is one, whereas I have Liberty Healthshare. And if either of our health-sharing schemes suck, we can opt for a different one of our choosing. The fact is, there’s is absolutely nothing stopping people from creating their own single-payer system like Samaritan or LHS. If everyone joined a free market healthsharing ministry, WA could save BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (sic).

      There’s nothing stopping a group of socialist from starting their own corporation and gifting the means of production to the workers either. None of them do because they want our money and they want everyone to fail if they fail. The study they are pointing to was written by an unapologetic Marxist from MIT, Dr. Robert Pollin, who claims government should provide as many jobs as they can and who lauded Venezuelans prior to their socialist collapse. Pollin even justified all the bank bailouts in 2008 saying that the bank bailouts proved the need for market intervention (he never heard of the Bernanke Put). Cigarette companies and oil companies make their own studies too, which I agree can be suspect, but if a Marxist writes one it’s apparently not manufactured.


  8. Thank goodness the 80% of people who are sick and tired of pharmacy and insurance CEO’s taking millions in bonuses (while our health insurance rates skyrocket) will finally get to vote this November. Single payer has been studied for decades and every advanced nation has chosen it because of efficiency and savings. Why should America have the highest costs and the worst outcomes? Small businesses will save money when they no longer have to pay huge premiums. So will families! Sign the petition to get this on the ballot today. I can’t wait to vote YES!


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