Edmonds Planning Board to hold Urban Tree Plan public hearing May 9

Edmonds maintains several city parks as undeveloped forested areas.

A draft Urban Forest Management Plan– sometimes called an urban tree plan –will be considered at a public hearing of the City of Edmonds Planning Board at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 9, at the Edmonds Council Chambers, 250 5th Ave N.

The draft plan was developed to provide guidance on managing the urban forest in Edmonds. (The term “urban forest” means the trees in an urban area.) The plan’s emphasis is on tree management at city properties and rights-of-way.  But some parts address both public and private property.

For more information about the draft plan, see the city website.

On April 5, the Edmonds Tree Board reviewed the draft plan and, on April 19, interested citizens attended an open house about it.  A slightly revised draft will be considered at the May 9 public hearing.  The revisions make some clarifications and corrections to the background sections, but do not change the proposed recommendations.

After the Planning Board’s May 9 public hearing, the planning board may have further discussion that same night and possibly at a follow-up meeting. The draft plan then goes to the Edmonds City Council, starting with a June 19 public hearing.  Ultimately, the council will make the decision on adoption, amendment or other action.



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