Edmonds Police Blotter, May 22-29


May 22

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A juvenile patient spit in the face of a registered nurse while she was performing her duties

22100 block 98th Avenue West: A bicycle was found.

23600 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for criminal trespass.

7200 block 213th Place Southwest: Police responded to a disturbance between a separated husband and wife via text messaging.

May 23

100 block 5th Avenue South: A 21-year old man was taken to the hospital for possible liquor poisoning after drinking downtown.

7800 block 196th Street Southwest: A married couple argued about the husband’s addiction and their relationship.

9400 block 244th Street Southwest: Police investigated an alleged assault, but found no probable cause that a crime occurred.

21900 block Highway 99: A shoplifter was cited and released.

21400 block Highway 99: Subject stole a debit card and used it at a local McDonald’s.

21400 block Highway 99: An upset customer spit on an employee and broke a drive-up window by punching it.

23600 block Highway 99: A man was arrested and booked into jail for shoplifting from a local business and misdemeanor warrants.

May 24

23500 block Highway 99:  A patient who overdosed was revived with Naloxone.

7100 block of 224th Street Southwest: A replica handgun was found.

60 block Pine Street: Ammo was taken in for destruction.

7300 block 213th Place Southwest: A car was stolen,

21900 Highway 99: Subject shoplifted from Winco.

23200 block Highway 99: Victim reported that someone stole gas out of car.

1100 block 6th Avenue South: Police were called to argument between a juvenile female with behavioral issues and her mom.

23200 block Highway 99: Unknown suspects stole tools out of reporting party’s van.

May 25

15700 block 75th Place West: A woman and her husband got into a verbal argument. Following the argument, the husband damaged community property but the wife did not wish to press charges.

1100 block Sea Vista Place: A garage door was left open and two unlocked vehicles were entered with items taken.

7500 block 221st Street Southwest: Victim reported ongoing violations via email of a served domestic violence court order. Suspect is believed to reside in Montana.

23000 block 100th Avenue West: A man was removed from store.

200 block 7th Avenue South: Identity was stolen/used unlawfully.

300 block Main Street: A metal ring was found downtown.

7200 block 213th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute between an adult daughter and her mom’s boyfriend, who stays occasionally at mom’s apartment.

9400 block 244th Street Southwest: A package was stolen from the doorstep of residence.

7300 block of Meadowdale Beach Road: Adult sisters argued.

8800 block Main Street: A traffic stop led to a DUI arrest.

May 26

23500 block Highway 99: Police responded to a verbal dispute.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after causing a disturbance.

22000 block 99th Place West: An adult was reported missing after leaving a residence and not being seen or heard from since.

1100 block 5th Avenue South: Damage to deadbolt of a residence reported, possibly caused by superglue injected inside.

7800 block 196th Street Southwest: Estranged husband wrote messages all over the front door of the family residence.

200 block 3rd Avenue South: Unknown suspects entered a condo under renovation and stole power tools.

23900 Highway 99: Argument occurred between mother and adult son.

9500 block Edmonds Way: An unoccupied stolen vehicle was recovered.

May 27

16100 block 75th Place West: Police found a suspicious vehicle and teens in park after hours.

21300 block 72nd Avenue West: Police responded to a domestic verbal dispute.

20800 bloc 76th Avenue West: A vehicle window was broken and items taken from back seat.

10000 block Edmonds Way: Possible DUI traffic complaint led to a DUI arrest.

May 28

76th Avenue West/Olympic Avenue: Traffic stop led to DUI arrest.

24000 block Highway 99: Subject was arrested for outstanding warrant. Fake ID and possible ID theft discovered during police search.

8600 block 182nd Place Southwest: A solicitor told police he was upset that dog was aggressive and owner didn’t care.

21600 block 80th Avenue West: Police responded to a report of a suspicious letter posted on common doorway of apartment complex.

21400 block 72nd Avenue West: A dementia patient reported suspicious circumstance at a care facility.

21500 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a local business.

23200 block Highway 99: A juvenile ran away from home.

May 29

400 block Walnut Street: Unknown suspect(s) broke the glass on a door to gain entry into a local business, then stole items.


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