Letter to the editor: Edmonds Neighborhood Coalition statement regarding hateful attacks

To the editor:

Below is a statement released by the Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition (ENAC) May 11.

Susan Kostick for ENAC


On Feb. 8, we wrote a letter of support for our diverse community, condemning the racist harassment and threats directed at two black teenagers outside of Harvey’s Lounge. And here we are again, writing today to express our solidarity and support in the wake of a similar incident.

On May 4 at the Edmonds McDonald’s on Highway 99, a woman launched a xenophobic, racist tirade against some Spanish-speaking customers, shouting “get out of our country” and “if you don’t speak English you shouldn’t be here.” And again, we are called to condemn this virulent display of bigotry.

These are not the “Edmonds kind of days” this community can boast about.

The Diversity Commission meeting (as reported in My Edmonds News, May 11) included notice of this incident and several others. Hateful attacks on our neighbors are not new, nor are they isolated. We support the Diversity Commission’s call “to engage in reflection and/or dialogue with friends, family and neighbors about the incident, its potential causes and ramifications,” and we urge Edmonds residents to act: Commit to intentionally creating a truly inclusive community; stand in solidarity with your neighbors; get involved with local organizations that elevate voices of people of color.

Speak out against racism now, before it gains traction. Creating the Edmonds of our ideals—inclusive, civil, safe and supportive—means zero tolerance for hatred and abuse.

Edmonds Neighborhood Coalition (ENAC)
May 11, 2018

  1. I suppose the irony of having that outburst in a place only settled by white people about 150 years ago is lost on that woman.

    1. There are people who are so woke, that they paid reparations and willed their estates to Native Americans already. Step 2 is to write to the papers to convince the rest of us to do the same.

  2. Writing to the paper is easy and free, and arguably ineffective. Leaders lead from the front.

    Here’s one of many places you can pay reparations:

    Use legalzoom to will your estate to a Native American:

    Why not do both of these on your own if one actually believes in social justice? <- not a rhetorical question. The social justice skeptics have to be convinced because the warriors won’t do anything otherwise? <- rhetorical question.

    1. I think there’s a pretty wide area between acting like a racist jerk and paying people reparations for stuff your great-grandparents did (mine were over in Europe) that ethical, thinking people can reasonably reside in, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.

      I do go shop up on the res, and I hope the Tulalips win their tax fight with the county and state, and I’ll shop there even more happily if they do.

      1. I agree 100%. That said, the racebaiting, and the virtue signalng, and the lectures have reached a crescendo. This paper is the local epicenter of lectureville, so I troll here.

        Social Justice by definition means vicarious redemption. If anyone believes the myth of Native American genocide (it is a myth), and that their land is stolen land, that morons arguing at a McDonalds is evidence of that, then give your land back. There are no measurable successes, no wars won by Social Justice War-making, just a lot of collateral damage in the for racial animosity.

        I think the tribes and black Americans are victims of multi-culturalism, which means culturally separate, opposed to integrated. Navites are secluded on reservations and blacks are secluded in projects and HUD communities.
        There are many tribes that aren’t federally recognised who are better off, and there are several who wish to give up federal recognition so that they can join the cultural melting pot. The average native on a reservation, the average black on a welfare plantation, cannot better their station. They can’t mortgage property, they have to go to committees to start a business. They can’t move to where work is because the moment they do either, move or work, they risk losing their subsidy. Its a no win situation. The Jews were hated refugees. The Asians were slaves. They got no velvet handcuffs, no hashtags, and prospered. The modern democrat is the cause of persistent and malignant social inequality.

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