Letter to the editor: Much to enjoy about talented Dynamite Limbo


Living at Lynnwood’s Alderwood Court, a Shag independent-living apartment complex, does have its perks. We older folks had the chance to enjoy one of those special treats on another Thursday afternoon. Even though no one actually got up to dance, a lot of feet were tapping to the vibrant music of the acoustic performance of the Dynamite Limbo duo. Chris Yates with his magic guitar and Nick Baker’s agile fingers on his Yamaha keyboard, plus their combined voices, were rocking. Each of these two young men has his own immense talent — put them together and they are far beyond super special — dynamite is the perfect word to describe them.

Two months ago, I wrote about these two dynamic performers and how on a rainy afternoon they made me wish I could go back in time to some of the romance of dating, dancing and sharing time with a special person.  Today, these two talented men were FUN — no other word describes their performance better. As I looked around, there were a whole lot of happy smiling faces. Instead of prescribing medicine for depression, doctors should insist that their patients watch and listen to these two performers. There is no way anyone could feel depressed when Chris and Nick are center stage.

This time, the songs were mainly lively ones — songs we all could relate to — songs made even better by the unexpected and exuberant sound effects, and some silly ad libs.

Thank you, Chris Yates and Nick Baker, for sharing your outstanding musical talents with us. We all eagerly look forward to the next time and some more FUN. Romance is good too.

— Betty Lou Gaeng


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  1. Betty, I am so glad you enjoyed the guy’s performance. I am the proud mom of Nick Baker, and so pleased that his talent brings joy to many. Ditto Chris Yates, an amazing musician and singer as well, and as you so succinctly put it the combination of their talent is Dynamite. These two men have been playing together for over 10 years, I hope they have many more… Because I certainly enjoy hearing their diverse stylings as well. Kathy Passage Nick’s mom and number one fan.


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