Local author seeks wedding stories for upcoming book

Have a tale to tell about the day you said “I do”? Local author Barbara Kindness is looking for wedding stories to include in her upcoming book.
“I imagine there are very few absolutely perfect weddings,” Kindness said. “I’ve heard some pretty interesting stories — from a groom getting caught in a traffic jam to a sexy wedding singer whose delivery had the whole congregation squirming in disbelief and discomfort!
“My own brings a chuckle whenever I look at my pictures taken at the reception, because I think it was the hottest day in recorded history on that date in Virginia and everyone was either leaning on something or someone,” Kindness continued. “The bartender was pouring gin like it was lemonade and the guests were consuming it with the same abandon!”
If you have a story to share (and yes, it can be anonymous) email Kindness at [email protected].

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