Sponsor spotlight: Weekly whale report for May 14


We had an amazing amount of wildlife this past weekend: from three different types of whales, to an elephant seal and a tufted puffin!

Here some pictures of the previous week’s sightings.

Traditionally May is known as a transition month as we have many different species of whales traveling looking for food. We got to catch up with three different types of whales: transient orcas, minkes and humpbacks.

The minke whales have been seen in groups of five to six animals off a shallow bank called Partridge Bank.  Here we get groups of seals, sea lions and many marine birds that feed with the minke whales on a ball of fish. This phenomenon of a bait ball is very similar to something you would see on Blue Planet or National Geographic and can be a feeding frenzy with various types of wildlife. It’s truly an exciting event to witness!

We also caught up with transient orcas in the north end of the San Juan Islands. This group of transients were mostly females with an adult male. And finally completing what we call a “trifecta” we got to catch up with our first Humpback for the year. This was great news as we all have been waiting patiently for their return

Sarah Hanke, Director of Sales
Puget Sound Express

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  1. Great pictures! How fortunate we are in Edmonds and the Puget Sound area to see these transitions.


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