Sponsor spotlight: Why spring is a great time to clean air ducts, furnace and dryer vent


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Spring is great time to get the ducts and the furnace cleaned, Zamir said. In the winter, house windows stay closed most of the day and the house does not get fresh air. Then add a little dust or debris and that gets circulated throughout the house month after month.

Spring means more fresh air flow through the house, so make sure it stays fresh by scheduling a duct or furnace cleaning.

Another part of the house that people forget about is the dryer vent, he said. The dryer vent should be cleaned once a year, due to the amount of lint that can be caught both in the duct and on the cover of the outlet.

“Cleaning the dryer once a year will reduce the chances for fire and will assure that the dryer works on max efficiency and by that will extend the life duration of it,” Zamir said.

Another service Gal and the crew at AirGanic provide is installation of air conditioning. While it may seem like a long time ago, he suggested thinking back to last year’s weather. “Starting June 17, our region went 55 days in a row without measurable rain, breaking the record of 51 days set in 1951,” he said. “Also the hottest day last summer was on June 25th at 96 degrees. The month of August was the third warmest month on record with an average high of 81.5 degrees.”

How hard is it to have air conditioning installed in a house that’s never had it? Zamir said it is actually easier that it seems. “Every house that has a furnace can have air conditioning,” he said. If a central air conditioner is not an option, there are other solutions, such as ductless mini split systems that can be easier to install in some houses and do not require a furnace.

With their business located in Edmonds, it’s a quick trip for the AirGanic crew to come to your home (or elsewhere in Snohomish County) and provide a quick affordable service that can save you money and help you breathe a little easier.

Here’s a parting thought from Gal at AirGanic:

“Airganic started three years ago. We have a very clear approach in our company: We bring all the home climate services under one roof. From furnace and duct cleanings to repairs and installs and home insulation, we do it all — with honest, upfront pricing and an easy, smart, online system to make the customer experience nothing but amazing.”

Check out the AirGanic website here or give Gal a call at 206-747-4769 for a free quote — and tell him My Edmonds News sent you.


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