Edmonds man sentenced to 16-plus years in prison for death of roommate

Defendant David Hoar being escorted into the courtroom at the beginning of his trial.

Sentencing took place Friday in the trial of 64-year-old Edmonds resident David Hoar, found guilty on May 7 of the second-degree murder of his roommate, Samantha Ellis. Acting on the prosecutor’s recommendation, presiding judge Anita Farris sentenced Hoar to 200 months of imprisonment at the Monroe Correctional Complex, with an additional 36 months of community custody and over $6,000 in fines and restitution.

“I don’t know if you’ll be released,” Farris noted, pointing to an average male life span of 80 years. If Hoar is released into community custody, he must attend alcohol counseling and must not possess or consume drugs or alcohol.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Michael Boska upheld his recommendation as an appropriate balance of public safety, rehabilitation and punishment. “This is a tragic case and a tragic situation.” Boska said. Though the state is somewhat sympathetic to Hoar’s alcohol addiction, it does not amount to a defense for murder, he said.

The victim, Samantha Ellis, with her late husband Keith Ellis. (Photo courtesy the Ellis family)

Sam’s step-daughter Laura Miller read letters she and Sam’s mother submitted to the court. The letters described Sam as a genuine and kind person, if a bit naive, who had a special passion for roses. They also reviled Hoar, calling him a “‘useless human’” who had broken their families’ lives, and demanded justice via the maximum sentence.

When asked if he would like to speak, Hoar said only, “I do feel remorse for the loss of any life, of any person. I do feel sorry it happened.”

Second-degree murder is a class A felony and carries a minimum sentence of 133 months in prison, up to life imprisonment. Hoar has 30 days to appeal the ruling before forever forfeiting his right to do so.

— By Thomas Fairchild

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  1. Seems a fitting end to a tragic story. Blaming it on his drinking is a double-edged sword; sure, there’s diminished capacity there, but if alcohol causes him to kill people, putting him somewhere where he can’t get any makes even more sense.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to attend the sentencing Thomas and Edmonds News for covering this case. This was a very well written piece.


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