Edmonds School District May 2018 High School Students of the Month


Each month, Edmonds School District high school programs select students to be recognized for their accomplishments and achievements. The photos, names and information about each of the May students are included below.

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Isaiah Silverio

Mother’s Name: Irene Domingo

Father’s Name: Robin Silverio

Describe Your Interests: I’m really into working on cars, especially my own and some of my buddies’.

Community Service/Work: I babysit my sister every weekend

Future Education Goals: To get into a automobile mechanics class

Future Career Goals: To be an automobile mechanic

Anything else you want us to know? I enjoy skateboarding and I’m very friendly.

Ashley Aure

Interests: Traveling is something I love to do. I love to be outside when it’s nice out.

Community Service/Work: I’ve done babysitting before

Future Education Goals: To attend Boise State University

Future Career Goals: I’m not really sure what I wanna do yet

Edmonds Heights K-12

Joshua Lindsey

Mother’s name: Esther Lindsey

Father’s name: Michael Lindsey

Clubs & Activities: Attending a bible study club at Shoreline Community College

Current Employment: Pat’s Philly Steak Sandwiches

Future Educational Goals: To continue attending Shoreline Community College, and to start attending Calvary Chapel Bible College in Fall.

Future Career Goals: To compose and sell Christian music.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Patrick Lee

Clubs & Activities: President of Save Our Shorelines; Member of film club; Students Saving Salmon; debate team

Honors: Full International Baccalaureate diploma candidate

Awards: 2017 Youth Ocean Advocate of the Year (Seattle Aquarium)

Community Service: Volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, 2015-2018; volunteer Beach Docent at Olympic Beach Ranger Station, 2017.

Future Educational Goals: An advanced degree in marine biology.

Future Career Goals: I would like to pursue a career in marine science! I’m not quite sure what that looks like yet exactly, but my preferences right now are either in education or policy.

Anything else we should know? I will be heading off to UC Santa Cruz in the fall. Go Banana Slugs!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the friends, teachers, and family members whose unconditional support has allowed me to pursue my ambitions to the fullest extent.

Jasmine Spears

Mother’s name: Vicki Spears

Father’s name: Jimmy Spears, Sr.

GPA: 3.84

Clubs & Activities: I play select volleyball for Space Needle Volleyball Foundation. I have been a part of the EWHS volleyball program for four years.

Honors: I am a member of National Honor Society (NHS).

Community Service: I am the President and Co-founder of One Helping Hand at a Time (2016-), a student-created and run charity dedicated to helping the homeless in the Seattle area. I was also a part of an Albanian Mission Trip (through ACC student ministries) in 2017, where I taught Albanians English at a week-long summer camp.

Current Employment: I am a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at the MLT Recreation and Pavilion.

Future Educational Goals: My future educational goal is to receive a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Future Career Goals: My future career goal is to become a Physical Therapist for a major sports team or work with kids with special needs.

Anything else we should know? I will be attending Biola University starting the fall of 2018.

Lynnwood High

Haley McClellan

Mother’s name: Jennifer McClellan

Father’s name: Brian McClellan

GPA: 3.5

Clubs & Activities: DECA, Student Store Promotions Manager, Peer Mentor, Youth Activities Leader, Volunteer Work

Honors: Freshman and Sophomore year, AP Biology

Awards: WUE Scholarship, three Year Honor Roll

Community Service: Volunteer at Hilltop Elementary and for a religious youth group

Significant School Project: Winning nationwide Student Store contest for $1,000

Current Employment: Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Future Educational Goals: Utah Valley University studying biomedical science

Future Career Goals: Biomedical Research

Kanu Vasdev

Mother’s name: Sunita Vasdev

Father’s name: Ravinder Vasdev

GPA: 3.91

Clubs & Activities: Tri-M Club, Key Club, Jazz 1, Combo, and Wind Ensemble Trombonist

Honors: AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Biology, AP Physics, APUSH, AP Government, AP Lit, AP Lang

Awards: Music Student of the Month (2015,2017), Honor Roll for 4 years, State Solo & Ensemble (2016, 2018)

Community Service: Edmonds Summer Music School

Future Educational Goals: To obtain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and attend the University of Washington in Seattle. I’d like to To earn a master’s degree in business administration

Mountlake Terrace High

Caylie Laney

Mother’s name: Cinderella Laney

Father’s name: John Laney

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: National Honor Society Co-President, Link Leader, Key Club Member, IATRIX21

ASB: I’ve been on ASB since sophomore year through the cheer team.

Athletics: Volleyball as a freshman; cheerleading, sophomore through senior years.

Honors: Athlete of the Month, September 2017

Awards: Second place in Translational Medical Science at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair; AP Scholar Award, 2017.

Community Service: Volunteer at Seattle Children’s Hospital, fall 2017-present.

Significant School Project: I did a year-long research project for my senior year STEM class on the efficiency of acne treatments in killing acne-causing bacteria.

Current Employment: Nanny

Future Educational Goals: I will be attending the University of Washington in Fall, 2018.

Future Career Goals: Pediatric dentistry/orthodontics

Brendan Hayes

Mother’s name: April Hogan

Father’s name: Bryan Hayes

GPA: 3.0

Athletics: Boys basketball all four years, including two years on varsity.

Awards: Coaches Award – freshman basketball; Captains Award – senior year; second team All-Wesco conference, senior year.

Community Service: I worked with little kids through the Edmonds School District’s Rotary Study Program, in which I helped them in the fall and would go to Terrace Park Elementary School to work with them on their school work.

Future Educational Goals: I want to obtain a master’s degree in business, possibly striving for a master’s of business administration, or some kind of marketing degree.

Future Career Goals: I want to work in the business or marketing field, and either do some kind of management or work with a company’s marketing team.

Meadowdale High

Adison McGaughey

Mother’s name: Gail McGaughey

Father’s name: Bob McGaughey

GPA: 3.99

Clubs & Activities: Drama, Band

Current Employment: Lynnwood Recreation Center

Future Educational Goals: English major with a focus on secondary education

Future Career Goals: English Teacher

Isabelle Gibson

Mother’s name: Sheree Gibson

Father’s name: David Gibson

GPA: 3.3

Clubs & Activities: Link Crew

Athletics: Four-year varsity letter; girls soccer; track and field

Honors: Link Leader of the Month

Awards: Lady Mav Award for Girls Soccer

Community Service: Link Leader

Current Employment: Perrinville Animal Hospital

Future Educational Goals: Veterinary Program at WSU

Future Career Goals: Veterinarian

Project SEARCH

Lupe Arteaga Lopez

Mother’s name: Marea Arteaga

Clubs & Activities: Singing and dancing

Community Service: Volunteer services at Swedish Edmonds

Significant School Project: Project SEARCH

Current Employment: The Rock

Future Career Goals: I would like to work for a dog show.

Anything else we should know? I really enjoy working in Swedish Edmonds because I am learning lots of new things. I am a very nice person and like hanging out with friends.

Scriber Lake High

Aldair Bracamontes

Mother’s name: Yesenia

Father’s Name: Vicente

Future Educational Goals: Shoreline Community College

Future Career Goals: To serve in the United States Army

JennaLeise Jensen

Mother’s name: Jessica Anderson

Clubs & Activities: GSA and Social Justice

Significant School Project: Tiny House with Sawhorse Revolution

Future Educational Goals: Carpentry apprenticeship and maybe more college

Future Career Goals: Carpentry

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