King’s Elementary School hires two new associate principals

Jordan Gage and Xanasha Rose. (Photo courtesy King’s Schools)

Due to increasing numbers of enrolling students, King’s Schools, an independent, school for preschool to 12th-grade students, is restructuring its elementary campus to include two associate principals. Xanasha Rose has joined King’s as the new associate principal of the K-3rd grade program and Jordan Gage will be the new associate principal for the 4-6th grade program.

“We feel that getting to know every student and family is vital to a strong education,” said Head of School Eric Rasmussen. “Expanding our administration at the elementary school will help us build meaningful relationships with every student and parent in our community.”

Xanasha Rose comes to King’s with 20 years of experience in Seattle Public Schools. Originally from San Francisco, she earned a Bachelor degree in American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington followed by a Master’s degree in Education. After three years teaching third grade, she enrolled in the Danforth Educational Leadership program, receiving the Bill and Melinda Gates Kreielsheimer Fellowship, where she earned a principal certificate and a certificate in program administration. Most recently, she was the assistant principal at Viewlands and Bailey Gatzert Elementary Schools.

“I’m looking forward to serving a school community that will allow me to continue to foster three things I am truly passionate about: serving God, education, and race and reconciliation,” said Rose. “I am grateful for this opportunity. As a part of the King’s community, I hope to continue my own growth and development as an instructional leader, learning from each experience I have along the way.”

Jordan Gage is finishing his 5th year teaching at King’s Schools. He taught at the elementary school for two years and at the high school for three years. He loves King’s Schools and looks forward to getting back to the elementary to “inspire hearts and equip minds.” Jordan holds an undergraduate degree from Western State Colorado University and Master’s degree in educational administration from Western Washington University. Jordan received his Washington State Principal Endorsement in 2013.

The current associate principal, Gordon Kelly, is retiring after a 45 year career at King’s Schools. Principal Evelyn Huling will move to an administrative principal role overseeing both divisions.

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    1. I agree, they are not independent. St. Jude is Christian but not independent according to the same rules. To truly make Kings ‘independent’, we’d have to give all their kids’ parents a property tax break so they weren’t forced to pay for a school that weren’t their choice.


  1. Could the word Independent in the article simply mean that it is not part of the pubic school system?


    1. Good answer, Darrol.

      “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras.”
      Theodore Woodward


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