Pine Street murals capture ‘A Walk Along Puget Sound’

“A Walk Along Puget Sound,” a collection of 10 unique murals at 210 Pine St., is now complete.

The paintings depict mesmerizing ocean creatures and beautiful wildlife living in and around the glistening waters of  Puget Sound. They were created by artist Holly Floria Potter.

In May 2017, Edmonds residents Bonnie and Bill Sunderland asked Potter, who is Bonnie’s  sister, to paint the murals. The space dedicated to exhibit their mural was to be the long wall that ran from Pine Street alongside their driveway.  Since their home is so close to the waterfront, they wanted it to be a representation of what they see and have come to love living in Edmonds.

In August 2017, Potter flew back to Edmonds from her home on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  After researching wildlife from the sound and surrounding areas, she put her pencil to work and started sketching her research and began the process. She completed five of the 10 panels, each measuring 4 feet by 13 inches, which would make up the body of this piece.  In June, Potter flew back to Edmonds to finish the remaining five panels.

The work is now complete. These 10 murals feature a monochromatic view of majestic mountain ranges and glimmering waters as viewed from the hills of Edmonds looking out over our sparkling Sound.  In the forefront of the murals, painted with subtle tones and splashes of color, you will find intriguing sea creatures, stunning water fowl, and enchanting wildlife that make the waters of Puget Sound their home.

This mural, “A Walk Around The Sound,” is dedicated in loving memory to Bill Sunderland, who passed away one month prior to completion of the series.

— By Marni Muir


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  1. Most of the murals in this town look self indulgent. It is worth retiring them to make space for new art like this. These are really nice. Great job ladies.


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