Scene in Edmonds: Now and then — Crescent Laundry and Demetri’s

This concrete building was built by Mr. and Mrs. John King in 1930, and in March 1931 they held an open house for the Crescent Laundry. The laundry remained in the Kings’ hands until April 1944, when they sold it to Arthur Claussen and Ross Billings. (Photos courtesy Edmonds Historical Museum)
Today the building is occupied by Demteri’s Woodstone Taverna and the Waterfront Coffee Company.

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  1. In the 70s this was the first stop on my Seattle Times paper route. The business was Tyco Automotive. The door on the far right was the entrance to the parts area. There were several steps down just as you entered.
    The route went back and forth from Main St to Edmonds St ending near the IGA that was across from the now Red Twig and kity corner to Old Mill Town. Back then we had to collect money for the papers and with cash in hand I often found myself in front of the candy section of the IGA.
    Anyone remember what the Red Twig was then?
    Chris McDevitt was my first official boss as the “Paper Shack” manager. However, prior to that there were two gracious ladies that I was able to do yard work for; Mrs. Beck & the other went by Grandma Yost.


  2. Sorry, Ron but you haven’t gone back far enough!

    Before the IGA the Edmonds Methodist Chuch was located there. I do remember shopping with my Grandmother in the IGA! Does anyone remember Benz’s soda fountain?

    Thanks for the memories, David Preston!


  3. Brusseaus was not previously the Methodist church. The church was across the street, later pharmacy and more. Now the hair salons, and other businesses. The gas station became Brusseaus and now Red Twig. The bank was originally a gas station then mini market. The Milltown location was Yost motor company, Gas station. Lots of memories. Benz sold school supplies and ice cream.


  4. David Preston: wondering where the Beck house where you did yard work was located? My home was originally owned by the Beck’s and I would love to hear the history behind it and the amazing yard. It’s possible that it’s the same house where you did that yard work. Maybe we could connect via email?


  5. Leslie, the House was on Hanna Park just north of Sunset.
    They had 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, not sure were they lived. We can find out since Steve “Skip” Beck is still in town.
    I forwarded an email to Teresa at MEN asking her to give you my email, don’t want to share that here.


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