Sponsor spotlight: Whale report for June 11

Here we are into the second week of June and time has just flown this summer. The weather has definitely cooled off since May, however the population of whales has increased dramatically as the summer continues on.
This last week we have had a transient orca extravaganza! Currently there are about six to eight pods swimming through our area. A couple of these groups have young calves with them, including the group from the Hood Canal seen earlier this year, the T65A’s. We have seen the transient orcas all over the place, from Elliott Bay, to Victoria, to the San Juan Islands. Orcas travel over 100 miles in a day, so every day on the water is and has been completely different.
The humpbacks continue to grow in number along with the orcas. Similar to the minke whales, humpbacks will feed off the banks on small bait fish. They eat about 5,000 pounds of small fish per whale. Currently we have about a dozen humpbacks in our area, so you can imagine how much food they need in a day….
Here are some pictures of our sightings from the past couple weeks.

Sarah Hanke, Director of Sales
Puget Sound Express

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