Edmonds council approves measure requiring safe storage of firearms

Members of Teamsters Local 763 stand in solidarity as business agent Liz Brown (far right) speaks during a crowded Edmonds City Council meeting Tuesday night.

An ordinance requiring that Edmonds residents safely lock up their firearms or face a fine passed the Edmonds City Council by a 5-1 vote Tuesday night, generating sustained applause by a contingent of supporters in the council chamber.

Councilmember Neil Tibbott was on vacation and unavailable by phone, thus the 5-1 vote. Voting against the measure was Councilmember Kristiana Johnson.

At the start of the meeting, the council chamber was filled to overflowing as citizens gathered to speak to a range of causes, which included not only safe firearms storage but also the city’s draft affordable housing strategy.

In addition, many members of the city’s largest union — Teamsters Local 763 — turned out in a show of support as their business agent, Liz Brown, asked the council to “change direction” in its ongoing labor negotiations with the local.

Teamsters Local 763 represents nearly 70 city employees who work at the wastewater treatment plant, and in jobs related to water, sewer, streets, stormwater, parks and facilities. Brown said the two sides have been negotiating since August 2017 for a new agreement to replace the three-year contract that expired on Dec. 31, 2017.

“In the past we negotiated directly with city officials but this time despite having the in-house expertise, the city has paid more than $38,000 to an outside labor attorney to stall, stonewall and strong arm us,” Brown said during her public comments to the council Tuesday night.

Noting that another bargaining date is scheduled for August, Brown urged the council to ensure negotiation of “a contract that is fair for everyone.”

According to our earlier story here, among the sticking points: health care benefits, wages and job-bidding language.

Under the newly-passed gun storage ordinance, proposed earlier this month by City Council President Mike Nelson, those failing to secure their firearms could face a civil infraction of up to $500. If a child or other prohibited person gains access to a firearm that should have been secured, the violator can be fined up to $1,000. If someone is hurt as a result of that person gaining access, the fine increases to up to $10,000.

Since the goal is to educate citizens prior to enforcement, the law will become effective 180 days after passage.

Voting against the measure was Councilmember Kristiana Johnson, who said she was doing so out of caution, noting a current lawsuit filed by the National Rifle Association against the City of Seattle over a similar ordinance. Since the Edmonds ordinance doesn’t take effect for 180 days, the city has time to wait, Johnson argued, to see if there’s an outcome related to that lawsuit, and also whether statewide citizens gun safety Initiative 1639 passes in November.

The four remaining councilmembers, however, took turns speaking in favor of safe storage of firearms, citing both personal family experiences with firearm-related deaths as well as statistics related to recent gun violence.

“We have an opportunity to make a statement,” said Councilmember Tom Mesaros. “Not because it’s an ordinance but because it’s a societal issue we face as a community.”

Added Councilmember Dave Teitzel: “I believe we need to take a lead. We need to embolden other communities to take similar action and I hope by our action tonight that message is sent.”

Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas said that while she supports the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, “I just want people to be careful and safe with their guns.

“I’m not preventing anybody from owning a gun, keeping a gun,” she said.

“We need to move forward and be leaders,” said Councilmember Diane Buckshnis. “And I’m willing to be that leader and stand up for this very simple and safe ordinance.”

Nelson said: “I’m not going to have our city wait. I’m not going to pass the buck, if one child’s death can be prevented.”

Also expressing support for the measure was Mayor Dave Earling. “This is a small thing and we need to do several small things, evidently, to move the ball and have some of our legislators take note of the actions taken,” said Earling, referring to the state Legislature’s inability so far to pass a similar measure.

During the public comment period prior to the vote, Edmonds resident Laura Johnson pointed to councilmembers’ comments during several past meetings about the need to reduce gun violence.

“You were elected to legislate on our behalf,” Johnson said. “So if you leave addressing gun violence to the people, or if you choose not to vote or if you delay out of fear, then you have chosen not to represent and protect us, and for your complacency and your inaction you are by default supporting the gun lobby.”

Speaking against the gun storage measure, Edmonds resident Swan Seaberg said the problem isn’t with guns, but with the fact that young people don’t learn about gun safety and are subjected to bullying in schools. “I grew up around lots of guns and we didn’t have any problems,” he said.

Edmonds resident Mike Rosen was among those speaking regarding the city’s draft housing strategy, and said he was grateful that people were in the same room, talking about options. “We’re each in this room because we love this place…so let’s continue to work together,” he said.

(We’ll have more about the housing strategy discussion in a later story.)

Also during Tuesday night’s meeting, the council:

– Approved by a 5-1 vote (Councilmember Johnson voting against) amendments to a previously approved ordinance  governing lost or stolen firearms.

The Yost house.

– Unanimously approved a proposal to place the Yost House — located at 658 Maple St. — on the Edmonds Register of Historic Places.

-Heard a presentation from the representatives of the Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group.

-Discussed an update to the city’s Critical Areas Ordinance.

-Postponed until a later meeting discussion of a proposal by the Edmonds Senior Center that the city “bear the full costs” of frontage improvements to the planned multi-generational waterfront center building.

— By Teresa Wippel

  1. If you don’t have a safe, this ordinance immediately makes you in violation. Riffle safes are hundreds of dollars. Is the city going to buy us all safes so we can comply with this public safety dilemma?

    My guns are not in a safe. I volunteer to be the first to be fined and to sue the City of Edmonds. I will send this in writing to the Council.

  2. When will the police start going door to door asking citizens if their guns (private property) are safely secured in their private residences? What? Not going to happen you say? Hmm. Sad that feelings and not facts were the main reason for the passing of this ordinance last night. I undetstand the need to want to do something about kids being hurt by guns. Let’s stop making schools soft targets (gun free zones), teach kids gun safety and acknowledge the fact that guns in the hands of good people are being used to stop those using them with evil intent thousand of times a year in this country. Unfortunately those stories don’t seem to get nearly the same amount of coverage. Just saying.

  3. It’s amazing to me how dumb my home town is. Glad I moved to an area that allows me to protect my family, rather than forces me to spend my money for me. Remember that ferry lane on Edmonds Way? DUMB IDEA! I knew it immediately and the whole town knows it was a waste of tax payers money. This is another measure that will do nothing but make liberals feel good about not really being any safer. There are still kids at schools & people at work that are not allowed to protect themselves. But hey, at least they’ve tackled that huge issue of banning plastic bags and straws. I don’t miss you Edmonds.

  4. Kudos to Mike Nelson and other members of the Edmonds City Council for the leadership and courage to stand strong for the safety of the Edmonds Community. My family and friends who own guns stand behind this ordinance 100%. You really can’t put a price on a life. For the council member who wanted to wait to see what the NRA would do, i am appalled that she would put the agenda of a wealthy lobbyist ahead of democracy. I for one will remember her name at re-election time.

    Thank You Edmonds City council.

    1. If safes save lives, then there is a price on this. A safe to lock up my guns cost about $450. If the City Council has “courage to stand strong for safety”, or if they really cared, they’d appropriate the money for what they’ve deemed to be a public safety concern under their purview. Do you care that my guns are not in safes? If so, I am accepting donations for a Gun Safe, Carol. Remember, “You really can’t put a price on a life.”

      1. Let’s set up a GoFundMe account for those who want to help gun owners buy safes. Or raise taxes since this appears to be a public safety issue and everyone should pay. Have the city host a fundraising dinner! So many ways to help me lock up my personal property in my private residence.

      2. Matt,

        Because I care about your family, I have Jon’s safe for sale and will give you it for very cheap. Text me if you’re interested

      3. It also gets people to go spend money, and there will probably be a permit required by the City soon.
        Sales Tax revenue, and fees, what every City wants.

    2. Carol, exactly what lobbyist is it that you speak of? Kristiana Johnson just acknowledges that she know that the city is going to lose on this in court. They will, and in the process, cost you, me and everybody else in the city THOUSANDS of dollars in legal fees.

  5. I believe this should be an advisory only ordinance! With the following:
    If weapons are involved in an incident then criminal charges shall be brought against the owner of the weapon(s) for the lack of keeping deadly weapons in an unsafe location. This could be anything from twenty years to life.
    If a requirement of a gun-safe is something that is publicly voted upon and is passed, it shall be purchase from a City Safety Tax. We all will pay for additional safety!

  6. So, since they have one council member that is smart enough to realize that this ordinance violates state law and will, undoubtedly, result in a court challenge very soon, will the other five that voted FOR this, including Council President Mike Nelson, be willing to personally pay the City’s legal fees in this matter? I sent every council person and the mayor a personal email two weeks ago warning that this will be challenged in court. Not one of them replied to me. Not. One. Virtue signalling like this has a cost. In this case, it will probably be $100,000 or more in legal fees and court costs when they get sued by the 2nd Amendment Foundation in the next couple of months, just like Seattle did.

    1. Yeah, I also heard nothing back from Nelson….surprise, surprise.

      In the meantime I have contacted SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) to inquire about their time frame for filing the lawsuit against Edmonds. I made sure they had all the pertinent info for all council members (and the mayor) who voted for this so they could be personally named in the suit.

      1. Jeff, they want to be personally named in a lawsuit. The City Council was lauded for being brave activists last night. Person X sues the city, people Y pay the taxes the city uses to defend itself, Edmonds City Council members use publicity to get vacancy appointments to higher office al-a Strom Peterson, Liias. Its win-win-win even as these rules are overturned. Its activism and creating code in Bad Faith.
        Was Mike Nelson elected? The only thing mightier than a gun lobby (which I may join) is gifted incumbancy. Mike is Strom’s fault.

        1. BTW – I consider Nelson to be the in-house lobbyist for the SIEU; I am confident that the SIEU has deeper pockets than the NRA (or at least it will until it is sued to disgorge all with wrongfully withheld member dues after the Janus decision!).

        2. The NRA has deeper pockets than most any lobbying organization in the country, but they have nothing to do with this. The 2nd Amendment Foundation is who will fight this. They are a Bellevue-based group of lawyers that fight for the Second Amendment. They are the ones that are challenging the Seattle ordinance right now and they’re the ones that beat down the unconstitutional Seattle ban on firearms in city parks. They have also been involved in most major 2nd Amendment-related cases in the last several years on a national basis.

      2. Jeff Gray- You mean the Second Amendment Foundation and its founder, Alan Gottlieb, who was recently reported to have possible ties with Russia? And you are supporting and in contact with them; encouraging and facilitating their involvement in local Edmonds politics?




        The same group who funded the defense to legalize the widespread distribution of printable plans to build unregulated and untraceable 3-D guns:



        So, while many of us are working to protect our youth through supporting a secure firearm storage ordinance- one which will work to reduce teen and young adult death by suicide and the unintentional shootings by children who find an unsecured weapon- you are working to support an organization that is potentially undermining our democracy and is, most definitely, promoting the widespread distribution of plans to create untraceable and unregistered weapons!

        1. LOL….as if the Seattle Times, Washington Post, CNN and Time are unbiased news sources HAHAHAHAHAHA!

          Chew on this Laura…I have NO KIDS in my house as they are grown and gone but some union stooge (Nelson) is going to tell me how I should store items in my own home.

          Go copy/paste your propaganda links elsewhere. I’m not interested.

        2. Putin has rent-free hold on your head(s) it appears.
          The 3-D guns decision was upheld on First Amendment constitutional grounds. The State Department had to pay damages. Read it. If you want to change the laws, do so at the State and Federal levels.

        3. Laura, Al Gottlieb also likes Russian dressing on his salad. That has just about as much to do with anything as the “article” you listed from the Times. Can you actually read that with an unbiased mind and construe anything nefarious there? It’s just another ultra-left hit piece by the sad remains of a once-great paper.

        4. Laura, I wouldn’t 3D print a gun, just because they don’t hold up well. The 80% arms billets are a great way to make your own firearm. In eastern WA, everybody is making their own. I’ve made my own to stay off lists, but I guess I’m out of the closet so-to-speak. #Pride

    2. This is one more example of how law-less the City of Edmonds is. They violated State and Federal Laws at will, and as a Citizen if you oppose their actions you are required to spend your personal money to fight them in court. All the while they use taxpayer money to finance their illegal actions.
      This is a City Council and a Mayor who snub State laws, to impose their own personal wants and opinions onto Citizens, illegally.
      They all need to be removed from office.
      The Edmonds BID, Ed!, was an intentional fraud perpetrated against the Edmonds business owners by the falsification and submission of illegal documents to the City Council. But, Dave Earling got what he wanted, a TAX placed onto business owners, while he excluded himself as a property owner. As expected from marginally qualified politicians, Dave Earling is always there with his hand out for a pay raise. Remember the pay rate commission had ended, only to be reinstated by Dave Earling, and got a large pay raise in the process, along with yearly CPI adjusters.
      Dave Earling and this Council need to be replaced.
      If they can not follow the law, the are not qualified to hold Public Office.
      The Edmonds City Attorney, only handles legal issues up to a very small amount, it is then handed over to the legal department of a multi-city front to absorb the cost. Again, the tax payers pay for the illegal acts of Dave Earling and the Edmonds City Council.
      As Public Servants—- pathetic.

  7. Are you kidding?? Why didn’t this gun law come to a vote? Politics is getting too much into our private lives….We all will be voting next election.

  8. I’m sorry but the decision seems a bit ridiculous. If my home is broken into and I need protection from the intruder, I doubt very much he or she will be patient enough to wait while I get my gun from the safe. Seconds count and so does my life.
    I also think the folks we have in Olympia have decided for the state gun laws and that supersedes city decisions.

  9. Out of respect to all families who have lost a loved one due to gun violence, to all the kids who have stepped forward to ask for updated laws and protection, I fully support the council’s vote. Total access to deadly weapons is an antiquated idea – and it is costing lives. I hope other concerned citizens will voice their support.

    1. So Tracy, you must then think that freedom from persecution by the government for what you say is antiquated? The freedom to practice whatever religion you wish is antiquated? The right to not have the government come and search your home without a warrant is antiquated? All of these rights were laid down at the same time.

      These rights are all inviolate and not subject to how you feel about them. They are the very principles that this country was founded on.

  10. Fellow Citizens, please do not fall prey to this virtuous governing and irresponsible spending of our money.

    Mike Nelson is an attorney. He knows the illegality of what he is supporting and approving. He believes this kind of action will help him be elected mayor. –>Heads up Mr. Nelson, we don’t want to be Seattle. We live here for a reason.

  11. The city of Edmonda is exposing itself to legal liability if someone is harmed or killed because they can not get to their firearm fast enough to protect themselves.

  12. Jeff Gray – At least Laura posterdher sources. Your more reliable ones are…?

    As to her posting elsewhere, this is a community board. If we don’t like a post we are free to disagree or go elsewhere – but shutting someone up a and telling them to go elsewhere is un-American. Or is this new new, great America we’re told we’re making?

    1. You mean like this source which is directly from the Washington State Legislature regarding RCW 9.41.290 which specifically states cities within WA state cannot enact gun laws above and beyond state law?
      Sorry its not from a hyper-biased ‘news’ source like WaPo or ST.

      Cliff notes version below:

      RCW 9.41.290

      State preemption.

      The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state, including the registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to firearms or parts thereof, including ammunition and reloader components. Cities, towns, and counties or other municipalities may enact only those laws and ordinances relating to firearms that are specifically authorized by state law, as in RCW 9.41.300, and are consistent with this chapter.

      Oh, and by the way, SAF is on the case and Edmonds IS going to be sued for this. Going to be some pretty expensive virtue signalling by the time all is said and done.

  13. I tried to avoid commenting on this, at least on the MEN page, so that I didn’t get labeled a second amendment right wing gunbut, but the hand wringing and screams of agony from folks on here about caring for my family and making steps in the right direction prompted me to say something.
    First, based on Snohomish County death statistics, in 2015, there were about 700 gun deaths. That is horrible. There were 535 suicides. Again, horrible. There were 170 homicides, horrible. There were 2 accidents. 2. Let me restate that number. Two. There are more people on our council than were accidentally shot. How I know you are going to say that a gun safe would have prevented suicides and homicides. Believe it or not, bad people are going to do bad things, and folks who want to die are going to find a method. It is true. Not a gun safe in the world is going to prevent these.

    Second, this is nanny state grand standing at it’s best by City Council. Many of our roads still suck, our sidewalks are uneven, we need four more symposiums.and a guest aesthetics guru to decide on a sign, and we cannot seem to determine what bnb is worse for kids crumb rubber or mud play fields. They can;however, make an unenforceable ordinance that is symbolic only. So lets start passing a bunch more symbolic ordinances. There were about 900 falls, slips, etc in Snohomish County in 2015. Anyone with a ladder, a chair that exceeds 2.5 feet in height, or anything that can be used to fall or slip (inclusive of homes with hardwood floors or tile floors) needs to place.mattresses and cushions throughout the home. Hell, let’s fine folks for that. There were about (if I remember correctly) 400 or so drownings. We should pass an ordinance requiring that all parents of children who drown ne required to pay a 1,000 fine. 100% preventable and a great way to encourage folks to not let.people drown.

    Finally, and let me preface by saying that I am a progressive and staunch supporter of.Womens rights, but since we want to make a moral statement from council, let’s parallel another right. So the public of Edmonds determined that abortion is a public safety issue in Edmknds. Although they are smart enough to know they cannot banit, Edmonds goes.downbthe road of 48 hour mandatorywaiting periods, permission slips for.minors, and required health counseling. Would all of the supportersabove be cheering and clapping for the brace stand made by Council? No. Of course a woman has the right to choose, and a gun owner has the right to own a gun. There’s a reason why the Edmonds Council isnt on the Supreme Court, and this ordinance highlights that. Every ordinance they pass is an erosion of public rights that has to be enforced, administered, and managed. There is a cost to that.

    So, do I agree that safety is bbn paramount, yes, but this is over reach and grandstanding, and I would encourage Ed m.konds voters to let their officials know about come election.

    1. George-Your statistic of 535 deaths by suicide in 2015- How many deaths could have been prevented if a gun had not been present? You say, “folks who want to die are going to find a method”. Where is your evidence? I can show you boatloads of evidence that indicate otherwise. We know that almost 90% who attempt suicide by firearm will die, but 90% who attempt suicide by other means survive. Suicide is often an impulsive act and the “presence of a gun during depression, intoxication, and anger can mean the difference between life and death.”

      We know that in Snohomish County teen suicide is on the rise, in fact, we exceed statewide averages:

      We know that 82% of youth who die by suicide used a gun owned by a family member: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/health/violence-injury-prevention/violence-prevention/gun-violence/~/media/depts/health/violence-injury-prevention/documents/firearm-suicide.ashx

      And finally, we know that in Marysville (Snohomish County) on October 24th, 2014, a teen took his fathers unsecured gun to school and shot and killed 5 freshman classmates. Zoe, Gia, Shaylee, and Andrew would have graduated last month if one teen had not had access to an irresponsibly stored firearm!


      More resources:

      1. At least 150 people have been killed by muslim terrorists using vehicles as a weapon since 2014. How many of these deaths could have been prevented by car key safe storage laws?

        Looking forward to your support Laura when car key safe storage laws are enacted without a vote. Don’t worry…mandatory home inspections will only be twice weekly.

      2. Laura, Japan leads the 1st word in non-gun suicides. Guns and suicide are non-sequitur. Means doesn’t matter if cause isn’t addressed. A woman recently laid herself on the tracks here in town. Suicide is a right, especially if you’re suffering from something incurable. But that woman terrified a lot of people, her decision was both tragic and selfish. Her decision affected a lot of kids who saw it. It’s better that her decision just be tragic, than both tragic and selfish on full display. Removing guns does nothing. People who contemplate suicide have codes to the safe – duh? People prevent tragedies thru relationships, not banning every way you could think to kill yourself.

      3. I dont disagree with you at all. In fact, I applaud the City for making gun safety a priority. Slippery slope laws, I dont agree with.

  14. Sorry about the spelling, my cell phone has small buttons. I demand council pass an ordinance that bans cell phone manufacturers make bigger buttons to protect me from misspelling words. NO SMALL BUTTONS.

  15. George, you made my morning, although I’m sure people are going to have a lot to say about your message.

    I think the city council has their hearts in the right place, but I expect this to be thrown out. Educating people about proper storage would have benefits, and would actually have support from 2A folks. We could use some ideas that bring people together instead of getting us at each other’s throats… one would think we have enough of that these days without bringing it into city politics.

  16. Perhaps someone can start a “go fund me” for you to get a new phone ! 🙂 Thanks for your post very informative and spot on.

  17. George is always a delight to interact with. I met George for coffee a few years back and served with him on some civic activities. When George talks or tries to write with those big hands he needs either a phone with bigger buttons or finger and thumb extensions that are small enough to poke the buttons.
    His comments should cause us all to hit the oversized “pause” button and think about real solutions to our common issues. Thanks George, keep on “poking” with those big fingers and thumbs.

    1. George, you are wrong about “folks who want to die will find a way”. My husband attempted suicide just last year with a firearm. He survived. He is now permanently blind. Albeit, this was HIS firearm, and this initiative would not have stopped what happened. However, in family counseling sessions he has stated repeatedly that he would not have gone through with it, if he did not own a gun.

      So please refrain from making blanket statements like that. Thanks.

      1. Erin,
        Thank you for your sharing your very personal family story in order to educate others about the risk of firearms and suicide. I am thankful that your husband survived, as you know most suicide attempts by firearm do not. I am in awe of your strength, your compassion, and your continued advocacy. THANK YOU!

      2. You have made my point. The gun safe would not have changed a thing. I am sorry for your struggles and wish you and your family strength, but that doesn’t make this a good law.

        1. George,
          Imagine if your son was suicidal. He knew the gun was not locked up. He found it and killed himself. Would you ever be able to forgive yourself?

          The point I was making is that this initiative would not have helped him. But could save youths in our community that live in homes that don’t have firearms locked up.

        2. George, With those sausage fingers you certainly hit the “nail on the head”. There will always be people who want to commit suicide. They will find a way if they are seriously wishing to die. The rest of us who want to live should not be punished, nor our rights taken away. There are mentally ill people everywhere doing all kinds of crazy things. We have the right to have a gun in our home, at the ready, should some nut case decide to break in and try to do us harm.

        3. It’s macabre, and I feel horrible for saying it, but it may have been better if the lady who lay on the tracks had a gun and were selfish at home instead of on full display. Children saw what happened. Japan leads the 1st world in non-gun suicides, suicides in general. Does pointing out they were non-gun suicides contribute to the solution, or does this point co-opt a tragedy for political devices? It would be dishonest to say that we could stop people from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge by encouraging San Francisco residents to keep more guns at home, but it’s true that they are mostly jumping because they don’t have firearms at home. These points are just as stupid as saying guns cause homicide. The anti-gun agenda is possibly the most ignorant on purpose, un-nuanced, agenda out of all wedge issues. Everybody is for safe storage of firearms. Safes aren’t the only way to safely store a firearm. The Edmonds City Council doesn’t have the authority to dictate gun storage in our homes.

  18. It is a parents responsibility to understand the nature of their children. There are resources to help with that analysis if necessary. It would then be that parent’s responsibility to protect the child. Guns, knives, drugs, or whatever may harm the child.
    Yes we can do a better job of dealing with guns but this LOCAL law is not likely the best answer.

    Are their laws that would hold the parent accountable if they did not provide the proper care and protection of their child? If a kid is high on drugs or alcohol and a parent hands them the keys to a car, is the parent responsible or is it the rest of the town for having car keys.

  19. Let’s all agree that the Edmonds Farmers Market is amazing. As I’ve already said to the City Council, and in MEN comments, we need traffic bollards to protect our market from people who use vehicles to hurt people. This is a legitimate public safety concern that could save lives.

  20. Before we decide how to protect market goers, we should have an informed and complete discussion of 1. Do we want some form of year around market? 2. If yes, what would be the best options of where to place it?

  21. So, to clarify my original point. Three states, to my knowledge, have passed safe transport and storage laws at the State level. (CA, NY, MA). Washington has a law that prohibits local communities from passing laws about firearms. Edmonds Council knowingly made a decision to put themselves in a position to make a politically motivated statement that is illegal. That put the taxpayers on the hook for their statement. If we want to live under a system of law, call up Strom and raise hell about gun safe storage and transport. He is pretty effective at getting legislation to pass. Hold a symposium atvEdminds Center of the arts on the important changes that can be made to encourage safe storage and transport. Dont create the Kingdom of EDM ok nds, usurp state law, and decide that the City wants to (based on the judgment of council) start setting political precedents. If the City spends a nickel of money on this, it will make me angry, because the folks in those chairs know full well what they have done. If we can pass local laws, then I am going to secede fromEdmonds, and the Kingdom Of Yellow House will allowfireworks, tree cutting, and will develop a small nuclear reactor to support its electric needs.,,

    1. Perfectly stated George. That is exactly my point in my original post. This ordinance doesn’t affect me from the standpoint of storage, BUT the huge legal costs that our tax dollars ARE going to bear due to this are not acceptable. I want every one of the council members that voted for this to pay the legal fees personally. They knew the consequences and still went ahead with it.

      1. Exactly on point. Edmonds elected leaders do not care, they waste money at will, because it is all free to them.
        When City elected politicians violate State and Federal Laws, they should be held personally responsible for all legal costs.
        It would help if Edmonds had a City Attorney who would advise them on the LAW, but we have a Scoff-Law attorney.
        That would put an end to all the laughable actions in Edmonds.
        Everyone should file a complaint with the Washington State Bar against Edmonds City Attorney, Jeff Taraday. It is a criminal violation under State law for an attorney to sign off on illegal documents, and he is required to sign off on all City Documents. Edmonds pays him $ 40,000.00 a month, for what?? An attorney who does not understand or know law, pathetic. His attitude is everything is legal, until you loose in court.
        It all starts at the top, Dave Earling needs to be removed from Office.

  22. Interesting Edmonds police blotter report: High-value jewelry and two semi-automatic pistols were stolen from a safe in garage. (July 19)

    1. Disagree Ron. 4-5 years ago the police pitted a guy in an Audi at 5th and Main during the Market. I filled out the witness report. It was a miracle he didn’t choose 5th street as a last resort exit. EPD was ready to shoot the guy (with guns) if need be. A colleague of mine is from Nice France were hundreds were killed by a truck driving through a market. Its a tangible threat, and every year I warn The Council about it. The City Council’s rules are under the premise of public safety, protecting us from sick people. Our homes aren’t their jurisdiction. Keeping our streets safe is their job. Instead they are partisan bullies who neglect public safety. Their priorities are proof.

      1. No doubt your comments about the market have merit, but they do not pertain to a discussion that’s focused on “safe storage of firearms”.

  23. Maybe one can buy a safe at the farmers market with the law take effect. Maybe cat leashes too.

  24. A couple of years ago I was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of shattering glass. I keep a loaded firearm in a holster on my bedpost, so I had my gun in my hand as I called the police. I was scared and shaky while I waited and watched for the police, but I at least felt like I had a fighting chance to survive if some psychopath had decided I was going to be his fun for the night. The police arrived within minutes, looked around the house and found nothing. A quick inspection of all my rooms turned up a shattered Corelle dish (those things explode when they break!) knocked off the counter by my cat. Pretty funny, huh? But for a period of time the real possibility of being under attack existed, and had that been the case, having my gun in a safe would have left me defenseless.
    I still recall how the fear that at any moment a man might come crashing through my bedroom door made something as simple as calling 911 difficult. Getting at a safe stored in my cluttered closet, remembering the combination, turning the dial with shaking hands – all that takes time. Too much time in a situation like that. No gun safe for me. This is one area where this lefty goes right.

    1. Lorraine- I am glad it was just a false alarm and you are okay. Here are a few bed-side mountable, easy-access, safe-storage solutions that were shared with me by a gun owner. Some even have access like a holster and bio-metric access in a time of high adrenaline is a plus since you can’t forget your fingerprint.

      A quote from Guns & Ammo Magazine: “Gun owners want to be sure we can quickly access a firearm in the event of a home invasion or other emergency. However, we need to take steps to ensure that our guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. Whether the wrong hands are those of a hardened criminal or a small child, it’s our responsibility to make sure our firearms are readily available when needed and secured when they’re not. A popular option that balances these needs is a bedside gun safe.”

      Read more: http://www.gunsandammo.com/ga-lists/best-bedside-gun-safes-every-price-point/#ixzz5MhOQKy8F





      1. Lorraine is being responsible. There’s no point in making people neurotic. “Storage” is putting a gun away for a long time. “Use” is having it by your bed. If I lived in a high crime area, where there weren’t many guns, I’d put mine in a safe too. People steal guns to have one, but everyone has one here. In Edmonds most guns aren’t in safes, and obscurity combined with the lock on our doors is sufficient for most of us. Using trigger or bolt locks is perfect in most situations too. Mike Nelson doesn’t care about Loraine’s gun. He cares about Laura’s vote. Its a fake campaign designed to target certain people.

        Notice how Laura doesnt address any of my points.

  25. RCW 9.41.290
    State preemption.
    The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state, including the registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to firearms or parts thereof, including ammunition and reloader components. Cities, towns, and counties or other municipalities may enact only those laws and ordinances relating to firearms that are specifically authorized by state law, as in RCW 9.41.300, and are consistent with this chapter. Such local ordinances shall have the same penalty as provided for by state law. Local laws and ordinances that are inconsistent with, more restrictive than, or exceed the requirements of state law shall not be enacted and are preempted and repealed, regardless of the nature of the code, charter, or home rule status of such city, town, county, or municipality.

    End of discussion

  26. So let me get this straight; I am in my back yard in Edmonds swimming in my Pool, a group of armed home invaders is climbing my fence, I run to get in our back door and go to my special place I can access my firearm quickly (Crimes take place QUICKLY) and suddenly I realize that a Unconstitutional law infringed upon my right to “bear” arms & they are locked in a safe and I am assaulted & later killed?
    This council has failed We the people & their solemn oath of office.
    Does not take a Constitutional scholar to determine This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! We have a right to keep & bear arms in defense of ourselves (that means on our side or inside our private home) And We the people proclaim it NOW!

    1. This week we are trying to keep intruders from breaking in and shooting us to death, or possibly beating us to death. Many of us want to to protect ourselves, by having our gun close at hand. This topic and our existing laws will definitely never get old. That is how countries become defenseless against the oppressors. So many people have come forward and given facts, and yes, some feelings. I, for one appreciate each and every comment.

  27. We will not comply, would rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.
    We the People will prove this law unconstitutional all the way to the Supreme court if any mob tries to prosecute us. Your municipality has no authority above our Federal & State Civil rights.

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