Edmonds Military Wire: Discovery Channel, Tim Kennedy showcase America’s unsung heroes

Tim Kennedy

Thrill seekers: Tim Kennedy’s new series on Discovery Channel, Hard to Kill, is a must-see and kicks off on Tuesday, July 31 at 10 p.m. Some may have watched Tim trek across continents on History Channel’s Hunting Hitler. Now you can watch him take on some of the most risky and extreme jobs imaginable on Discovery.

Let me just say, I thought I would have been the perfect host for this show — after all, I served in the world’s greatest Navy as a paper pusher and that makes me qualified for everything, right? Um. No. Especially this job.

I had the opportunity to talk with Tim on the phone regarding his new series and he truly is impressive.  For those who aren’t familiar, Tim is an uber-active, Ranger-qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces sniper who has served tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the globe. He is also a top 5 professional MMA fighter with grit and dedication to the values of hard work and humility.

And some of these dangerous jobs — that “every day” individuals do — pressed him to the edge.

Tim wanted to bring attention to those he calls “America’s Unsung Heroes,” those countless men and women across the United States who take on some of the riskiest jobs possible to ensure our safety. Whether he’s triggering avalanches at dizzying altitudes with high explosives, protecting a cowboy from a 2000- pound bull, or traveling to the Mojave Desert to push the boundaries of modern flight, Tim works with experts in each field to learn the grit, dedication and hard work it takes to do some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, where one mistake can be deadly.

After watching the preview, I asked Tim how he prepares for each of these jobs — because, truly, I would have to prepare for a long time…I think any sane person would. His answer: “no real prep.” Tim wasn’t being cocky — he truly is a humble man — he wanted to find out whether or not he could actually do these jobs without preparation in order to showcase the impressive abilities of those who do these jobs.

Tim’s background and experience often sets him apart from most in America — he exercises and trains daily, he jumps from planes to relax, does math to pass the time — and most Americans think there are no tasks too difficult for someone like him. Yet, men and women show up daily who are not considered elite athletes, or Special Forces snipers or Green Berets with perfect PT scores and successfully accomplish these very dangerous jobs — for our protection, without fanfare.

The show had me sweating — and the episode I watched had Tim on the brink of breaking. I won’t give away the episode — or future episodes for that matter — but what I will tell you is that Tim successfully showcases the impressive skills and abilities of “America’s Unsung Heroes” and walks away with a greater respect for those who push the limits and put their lives on the line…for our benefit.

As I wrapped up the interview, I asked Tim if he could opt-out of any of the jobs…and he shared that he could likely opt out — but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. He also stated that some laws don’t allow him to do some of this stuff. Think about that — there are laws limiting what HE can do. And yet, there are people who still do those jobs.

Bottom line: Don’t miss Discovery Channel’s Hard To KilL. It truly is a must-see, kicks off Tuesday, July 31, at 10 p.m., and you’ll have a new-found appreciation for America’s Unsung Heroes.

— By Mike Schindler

Edmonds resident Mike Schindler is the founder and chief executive officer of Operation Military Family Cares –– a 501(c)(3) veteran service organization and technology provider that combats veteran homelessness, while working to strengthen relationships and equip communities and families for success. He is also the Program Manager of Community Engagement & Innovation for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University. He is responsible for fostering and maintaining a relationship with community agencies that provide services to veterans, service members, and military families in Washington State, particularly, with WAServes, an IVMF AmericaServe’s network.


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