Edmonds Planning Board set to make recommendation July 11 on city’s draft housing strategy


The City of Edmonds Planning Board is scheduled Wednesday, July 11 to make a recommendation on a draft housing strategy that will be forwarded to the Edmonds City Council for its review and later action.

You can read more about the issue and the Planning Board’s June public hearing on the draft plan here.

The draft housing strategy, including the Planning Board’s recommendation and other information, will be considered by the City Council, who is responsible for the final decision.  Council meetings are tentatively planned as:

July 24–Introduction

Aug, 7–Public hearing

Aug. 21–Discussion and direction

Aug. 28–Additional discussion and possible wrap-up

Sept. 4–Finalize (?)

Other meetings as needed

City council approval or adoption of the final housing strategy “will provide direction on more specific actions that can be undertaken in the near future — but will not automatically change city budgets and codes,” the Planning Board agenda notes.  “Any actions that amend city codes or budget will be decided only after necessary details are spelled out and a public process takes place so that community input and other information can be considered.”

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the council chamber, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. You can see the complete Planning Board agenda here.


2 Replies to “Edmonds Planning Board set to make recommendation July 11 on city’s draft housing strategy”

  1. I attended the meeting and I would estimate that 90% of the attendees were opposed to some or all of the plan. There was considerable applause for every citizen who had a chance to speak out [for only three minutes each] against the plan.
    My impression was that the members of the task force were heavily stacked [hand picked by the mayor] to support what I think are mostly unnecessary housing changes here and would radically transform Edmonds.
    I would like to urge everyone to attend the upcoming meetings and make your voice heard.
    I see no need to turn Edmonds into a smaller clone of Seattle or San Francisco. That is not why my wife and I choose to live here.
    Right now Edmonds is a great place to live. Let’s keep it that way.


  2. I attended this meeting and it is very sad to say that it was clear and obvious that the people were handpicked for this committee to insure the outcome was what was wanted by the person selecting the members.

    After reviewing the task force with easily available information on line, several were Seattle based organizations. One was even a developer, again, for a Seattle based company. Most of the focus each organization has is the focus on housing for low income.

    The way I view this is they are trying to expand on the great successes that are happening in Seattle by expanding and bringing them to Edmonds.

    As I stated in the meeting, THIS IS NOT Seattle and we do not need their failed attempts to house the homeless (drug users) which has been nothing but a failure. Follow the money people. There has been so much money thrown at this that has done nothing and in fact I would say the statistics would be very clear, the homeless “crisis” is worse now after spending all this money then it was previously.

    I am not a heartless person like many people would claim after reading this but I am a person that believes each of us is where we are because of the choices we have made in our lives. I would be first in line to help someone help themselves but this is not the direction these efforts have gone.

    If we utilize City funding, change housing/building codes, and provide free services the homeless will come. They will come from Seattle that has done such a great job. They will bring their drugs. They will bring their crime. They will bring all the other problems that are only made worse by people who enable them.

    Do not allow the homeless camps or cube housing. If you build it, they will come. This is not Seattle.


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