Now and then: from one way to two ways at Fifth and Main


    From the Edmonds Historical Museum archives, photos showing Main Street, above the 5th Avenue intersection, in November 1962 (at left) and 2015

    Did you know: In May 1969, after a “stormy hearing,” the Edmonds City Council voted to end one-way traffic on 5th Avenue and Main Street. The council approved the change to two-way traffic on 5th Ave between Bell and Dayton Streets and along Main Street against the recommendation from the Council Street Committee, who voiced their opinion for no change. 

    5 Replies to “Now and then: from one way to two ways at Fifth and Main”

      1. I rarely park along Main. I much prefer parking in the library parking lot or along Dayton or 7th.


    1. Maybe we could have a little campaign to promote the benefits of walking from more distant parking spaces such as the library. Think of the calories you burn and the build up of leg muscles.


    2. For those who can walk that far, it would free up spaces for those who can’t.
      Not sure how that could be implemented but I think it’s worth exploring. Make the downtown core a walking city with outlying spaces for those who need something closer. Maybe even a drop-off zone.


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