Two motorcyclists die in Hwy 104 collision in Shoreline Wednesday night

The collision scene, courtesy Washington State Patrol.

Two Shoreline motorcyclists died early Wednesday evening following a collision with a vehicle on Highway 104 near First Avenue Northeast along the King/Snohomish County line, the Washington State Patrol said.

Traffic was backed up for four hours as all eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 104 were closed for the accident investigation.

According to the state patrol, the collision occurred at 6:50 p.m. Wednesday as two motorcyclists were driving at high rates of speed on the highway. A 2018 Buick Enclave was attempting to make a left turn onto First Avenue Northeast when it was struck by a motorcycle, ridden by a 26-year-old Shoreline man. A second motorcycle, ridden by another 26-year-old man from Shoreline, also struck the Enclave, which was spun around as a result of the impact.

Both riders were thrown from their motorcycles and died at the scene. One rider landed on a hillside adjacent to the eastbound lanes. The other was thrown into the westbound lanes of Highway 104, where he was struck by a Ford 350 pickup truck headed westbound on Highway 104.

The drivers of the Enclave and pickup truck weren’t injured, the state patrol said.

The roadway was closed in both directions from the time of the crash until 11:09 p.m., according Washington State Patrol spokesman Trooper Rick Johnson.





8 Replies to “Two motorcyclists die in Hwy 104 collision in Shoreline Wednesday night”

  1. I go through this intersection every afternoon. There seems to be an accident/near accident on a weekly basis. I really wish they would put a turn arrow going on to First Avenue from both directions off Hwy 104.


  2. Traffic on this road is crazy… not a great place to test how fast your motorcycle will go. I regularly watch people do lane changes without signaling and similar stuff. The proximity of I-5 and the wiggling back and forth the road does probably doesn’t help.


  3. When I see a motorcycles driving like this in traffic, I think to myself: “those jackasses are going to get themselves killed”. It’s tragic when they actually DO get themselves killed, but I have to admit that a part of me thinks “called it!”


  4. Being a rider myself, I am saddened to hear that two brothers or sisters died on the road last night. About 80% of motorcycle accidents are caused by the riders due to excessive speed or just trying to show off. As Kenny Rogers said, “you got to know when to hold them, know when to show them.” Fellow riders, take it easy out there and live to ride another day.


  5. There were 3 on bikes; the girl was not involved because she had slowed down enough to avoid it. The 2 that died were going between 80-100 mph (witnesses said) and had just run the light at 76th St. The noise of the 3 coming up the street was deafening; and the crash; well that said it all. The gentleman that “struck” the one biker said he thought it was a fender going under his truck until the last moment when he realized it was a person. Blessings to their families as they go through their losses.


  6. People need to stop driving like they’re the only idiot on the road. I drive 2 miles to work in Edmonds and I’m dodging death/accidents from just IGNORANT drivers, daily.


  7. I am so deeply sorry to have learned of this horrific accident. I pray for all families including the witnesses of the accident, first responders, and police. My heart is breaking to know both gentlemen were from the same family.


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