Edmonds service club signs spruced up and back in place

If you’ve noticed the recent disappearance of the wooden service club signs at the north and south entrances to downtown Edmonds, you aren’t alone.

The signs underwent some refurbishment, and are now back in their respective locations — along Edmonds Way near 1st Security Bank and on Olympic View Drive near Portofino Restaurant.

Edmonds Lions Club members Rick Holst, Jim Forgey and Charles Brady were out installing the signs in both places Wednesday morning. The sign refresh effort was coordinated by Holst, a former Chicago-area art teacher who retired to Edmonds. Because of Holst’s art background, fellow Lions Club members suggested that he refurbish the club’s sign, one of six that have been affixed to a wooden stand for nearly 30 years and were showing signs of wear. Holst also coordinated with all of the clubs represented on the existing stand to see if they wanted their signs redone as well.

Two of them — the Exchange Club and Soroptimist Club — have ceased operations in Edmonds and so those signs were removed. A new sign, for the local American Legion and VFW posts, was added Wednesday. There is still one vacant space waiting for an Edmonds Chamber of Commerce sign, which is being completed.

Long-time Edmonds Lions Club member Tom Snyder, who was involved in the original sign installations in 1991, noted that the service clubs worked with the City of Edmonds to get the necessary approvals for the signs. One of the city’s requirements was that the signs be well-maintained, Snyder said.

Holst said the refurbishment included power washing, replacing worn out wood pieces, filling in cracked letters with wood filler and repainting, followed by a stain and varnish.

The logistics of coordinating with all organizations involved was a bit daunting, Holst said, but he got the job done. “I just wanted to paint the sign,” he said with a smile. “It was more complicated than I anticipated.”

— Story and photos by Teresa Wippel

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  1. A special thank you is extended to Rick Holst, Jim Forgey and Charles Brady of the Edmonds Lions Club for the wonderful job they did in all the work they did in refreshing the service club signs. Great job! It would be wonderful if the same sort of thing could be done for the Welcome to Edmonds sign, too.


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