New Edmonds Rotary has a vision: An Edmonds Rotary Waterfront Carousel

Edmonds Rotary Club President David Kaufer

It’s an honor and privilege to serve as the Edmonds Rotary President – I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming year and the many opportunities it presents to us.

Why did I want to be Edmonds Rotary President?

Since I joined the club four years ago I’ve been impressed with the people of Rotary.

I have been impressed by the passion I see and feel among our members to help our community — and the world. And after attending Rotary International last year in Atlanta, I really understood the power and potential of Rotary. And I wanted to be part of making it something bigger and better than it is even today.

I’m so fortunate to have had great role models (and friends) who have served as President since I joined. Beth Kealy, Doug Lofstrom and Scott James have all been invaluable resources to me as I’ve been ramping up in this position. As you know, each President has his/her unique style and strengths – and I know I have big shoes to fill after the success this club has experienced the past few years.

What are some of my goals/vision for the upcoming yea

  1. Create stronger connections within our club – and externally to our community
  2. Committee membership/participation for club members (new and old)
  3. Greater communication and increased fellowship
  4. Membership/Retention – Quality & Quantity
  5. Improving and increasing our club marketing (digital/print/other)
  6. Thinking Big! I’m a believer in the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) philosophy.

What is my BHAG for Rotary? How about a new Edmonds Rotary Carousel on the Waterfront? It can serve as a new and unique icon for our community – while also serving area (and visiting) families and children who enjoy a spin with a view of the Puget Sound.  The Edmonds Rotary Carousel would serve as a fundraiser with money benefitting our community – and can also be used by other non-profit groups (or schools) looking to raise funds.

We even have an artist rendition!

The idea is still in its early stages and there is no doubt it will take work to make this happen — but if any group can make something happen, it’s Rotarians.

I’m a creative guy who loves new ideas — I believe that progress comes from change. And change comes from thinking differently. So if/when members (or non-members) have any ideas you want to introduce to our club, please do so!

What do I expect from our community and Rotarians? I hope you’ll participate as much as your giving tank will allow. I know we all have different sizes of tanks — and some tanks run empty earlier than others. I also know that some have had tanks tapped previously and they may not be as full as others and that’s OK.

Regardless – take inventory of your tank and think about what you can give. I believe that our club can not only survive – but thrive in the upcoming year (and years) ahead. But it’s going to require participation and energy from our great community to make it happen.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any ideas or thoughts for our club.

— By David Kaufer

(Sponsored by the Edmonds Rotary Noon Club)

10 Replies to “New Edmonds Rotary has a vision: An Edmonds Rotary Waterfront Carousel”

  1. The kid in me likes this idea however I feel like this would bring more people which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the lack of parking is already a problem. I think some porch type swings along the waterfront would be a nice idea (can’t attach a pic, google images Southport NC swings). A kid friendly restaurant would be nice too as most of the restaurants in downtown are on the fancy/expensive side.


  2. Love the merry-go-round (aka carousel) idea! It would be a wonderful childhood memory for youngsters. Good luck, Mr. Kaufer!


  3. I don’t know about the carousel idea. First is the need to protect it during ‘off hours’ and it
    appears to have no security. Then there is the idea of kids having plenty of places to play and
    interact with others on the beach and grass fields. I just don’t think this is a good idea.


  4. No, the beach is for exploring the beach, a carousel would detract from the waterfront and be garish and cartoonist.
    We have so many other ideas and needs in the community that should be done. For instance, check with the Historical Museum, they are looking for help in building a Fire Museum to house Edmonds’ first fire truck and preserve more of Edmonds history.
    We have ferry boats, trains, tide pools, etc. A carousel would detract from our home, it’s not who Edmonds is.


  5. There is an Ice Cream Truck that comes to Marina Park/Dog Park almost every day; it sets there with its carnival type music playing over and over again, the same tune, that can be heard from our home that is up the hill, on the berm. Most carousels play this type of music, usually loud enough to try to attract riders. The carousel music will have to compete with the noise of the ferries, high-speed tour boats, and last, but not least the train noise. What is the Rotary’s position on the “music” that would be attached to this carousel?


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