Remembering Pamela Mummy: Figurative artist known for her bright, playful spirit

Pamela Mummy and her work, courtesy of her Facebook page.

Edmonds sculptor David Varnau posted the following remembrance of Edmonds artist Pam Mummy, who died Aug. 18 after battling pancreatic cancer since mid-2017. We are reposting it here with his permission.

For over 15 years, Pam was a regular attendee of the live model sessions of our Edmonds Sculptors/Drawers Group. We artists spent many sessions jawing with Pam on every imaginable subject. Inevitably, Pam would inject humor into the conversation. Her bright, playful spirit and keen wit added so much to our time together. Over the years, Pam cultivated deep, lasting friendships among a number of the artists in our group.

For me, Pam’s creativity and originality were an inspiration. She seemed to have an unlimited source of unique images that she had in her creative pipeline. Inevitably, her art would lead us to smile or to be filled with a sense of awe in response to her artistic mastery. Whether in drawing, painting or in clay, Pam’s ability to render compelling facial expressions was nothing short of breathtaking. I invite you to visit her website to appreciate the breadth of her body of work.

Pam deservedly received many awards for her art work even while on chemotherapy, including Honorable Mention at the Juried Art Show at the Schack Art Center earlier this year as well as Honorable Mention at the Juried Art Gallery at the Edmonds Arts Festival as recently as June of this year. I last saw her at that Awards Ceremony and, though weakened from the chemo treatments, she continued to be delighted to be part of the celebration of art. Pam was known to be a dedicated artist, working eight hours per day on a regular basis – -and always seemed to have a sense of what she would create next. The artistic community has lost an inspiring and accomplished artist who has left her mark not only by virtue of her creativity but also because of her indomitable spirit.


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