Seoul Bowl, Corn Roaster and Lopez Island Creamery nab top honors as Best of Taste Edmonds


    This year’s 13 judges had their hands (and mouths) full, as more than 20 food purveyors presented their signature offerings in this year’s great Taste Edmonds taste-off, all vying for the honor of displaying the coveted “Best of the Taste” banner during this year’s festival.

    Judges tasted and compared dishes in three categories – main dish, side dish and dessert assigning points for taste, authenticity, presentation, and “yum” factor, and an independent team of officials totaled up the points.

    This year’s Best of the Taste winners are as follows:

    Best Main Dish – The Bulgogi Bowl from Seoul Bowl

    Best Side Dish – Roasted corn on the cob from Roasted Corn

    Best Dessert – Ice cream from the Lopez Island Creamery.

    Taste Edmonds

    Aug. 10-12, 2018

    Civic Playfield

    6th Avenue North and Bell Street

    Sat – 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Sun – 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    — Photos by Larry Vogel

    3 Replies to “Seoul Bowl, Corn Roaster and Lopez Island Creamery nab top honors as Best of Taste Edmonds”

    1. Best representation of Edmonds: DiMitri’s (we visited their restaurant by the ferry and underwater park in honor of their participation). The reported “winners” narrowly beat out deep fried PB&J, I’m sure… In my mind, the winners of best in show at the taste of Edmonds are the stores who sponsored the free kids bouncy zone. Thank you to our LOCAL stores who represented at the taste of Edmonds. It’s unfortunate that the taste of Edmonds was otherwise not much of a taste of Edmonds, but a typical nondescript suburban carnival that could have been anywhere. Even the featured brewery tastings were not Edmonds breweries.


    2. Changes at Taste missed the mark in a Beer & Wine garden. Three breweries in town and not one is on tap in the beer garden! And, Washington State has over 900 wineries and yet there are only 3 Washington wines being poured there too, and two of those are from the same winery. I’m sure it’s because a distributor offered big bucks, it’s just disappointing and not in the spirit if the event to fail to support our local businesses and Washington wine industry.


    3. The comments appear to be an indication this event could be advertised as a “Taste of Washington” rather than of Edmonds. I don’t understand why the fabulous local Edmonds restaurants, pastry/coffee shops, and breweries aren’t fully represented in an event which boasts being a “taste of Edmonds.” Is there some reason it is set up this way?


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