Edmonds Chapter, Alliance for Gun Responsibility to meet Sept. 27


The Edmond Chapter of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility will hold its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 at the Edmonds United Methodist Church, 828 Caspers.

The agenda includes planning the get-out-to-vote campaign in support of Initiative 1639.

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  1. This is both a church and a media outlet directly coordinating in a political campaign. I sort of give MEN a pass, as it’s prerogative to be biased, but this is bias.

    Does Edmonds United Methodist Church pay taxes? The way I read, the church can organize get.out.the.vote activities so long as it doesn’t endorse a position, such as the Edmond Chapter of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility position.

    But then the church explicitly endorses gun control campaigns:

    I’m not an attorney and actually favor the free speech of churches to engage in political activities, but I have a memory. I campaigned for gay marriage rights in WA. I seem to remember a lot people (even on my side of the argument) threatening church tax exempt status for positioning against things like gay marriage. It’s not right either way.

    I actually hope 1639 passes so that it can be slapped down just like all the other schemes concocted in bad faith, then WA would be done with that type of divisive activism for a long time.


    1. We publicize all meetings of groups in Edmonds – so please don’t imply some type of coordination with any campaign.


    2. Regardless, MEN does a great job, and I read it.

      The Freedom From Religion Foundation laments the 13th floor that churches can operate on, using tax-exempt resources to influence initiatives and referendums.

      I am in favor of churches expressing their opinion, and in favor of everyone being tax exempt. But the strange [and more frequent] mix of religion and Progressive is worth pointing out as Progressive is the new Pious. Some of the smartest people are devout. The Bible is an exercise in Original Intent. As far as I1639 goes, what was the original intent of the 2nd Amendment? Scientifically speaking, what exactly is the difference between 18yo men and 21yo men?


  2. Am I missing something here – isn’t the church just providing a facility for the meeting? Seems a bit of an overreaction and incorrect assumption to me.


    1. The second link is the church website, explicitly endorsing the ballot initiative. The church has even made itself a member of the Edmonds Chapter of Alliance for Gun Responsibility. It’s a member and [patently] a material supporter of a campaign. 🙂

      Is this a nothing-burger?


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