Letter to the editor: Welcome to New Edmonds?


I went for a walk to survey the “Welcome to Downtown Edmonds” sign. The sign serves as a firewall between the politics of Seattle and here. I’m thinking about painting it so that it looks nice before it’s taken down. It really just needs paint and new hardware. On the way I found a campsite in the bush made from a piece of plastic and five or so Ed! umbrellas opened up and fashioned into a shelter. In the middle were all the trappings of a shooting gallery, but I didn’t paw thru to see if there any sharps.  I waded in past the water run-off to survey what I could see.  There are maybe 6-10 full trash bags in the woods and other debris scattered though out. I don’t have many days off from work, so I have to choose between painting a sign and cleaning up the refuse. Welcome to New Edmonds.

Matt Richardson

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  1. I’ll volunteer to help clean up the trash if somebody can tell me where to get the special needle-proof gloves. Also…if we adopt subsidized housing, we’ll see lots more of this. I know – I used to do social work with street people until I got burned out on their antics.


  2. it does not seem like Edmonds anymore, trash from street people, parking taken up by ferry riders.
    I graduated from EHS in 1949 and am now 87 years old. I loved the old Edmonds, it was never
    Dedmonds to me. It is gone now, forever, replaced by high rise and new ways as per people who came here for the peace and beauty and changed it to be like where they came from.
    Mary Sollars


  3. Would have been great if you’d taken a picture or two of what you discovered. Although using Ed! umbrellas in that manner was probably not what the business community had in mind when they placed them around town.


    1. There are pictures, but I don’t think those are normally posted in MEN. Many thanks to MEN for the being the community voice. Seeing the drugs, the Ed! umbrellas used as shelter, is quite a juxtaposition. I took my 8yo son to a Foo Fighters concert at Safeco last week. I had to explain to him, “That man is smoking pot, just enjoying himself.” Another guy had his shirt off and was listed over a bench unconscious while another was banging his head repeatedly on a bus stop partition. “That guy is smoking meth.” There are no umbrellas you can borrow anywhere around Safeco.

      If it doesn’t rain this weekend, I’m going to clean out the site with my boy. mdrich2012@gmail.com


  4. When I worked with the Edmonds in Bloom competition, people from the subsidized apartments sometimes entered their baskets and pots. I never knew it was subsidized until that experience.
    I never saw needles or any other negative signs. We have to be careful not to stereotype all people who are living in these apartments. They have been there a long time with few if any incidents.
    We simply use good judgement about density and rules that are enforced.


  5. After being notified of this, we sent an officer to look into it and cleaned it all up. If you discover this sort of thing, please let us know so we can check it out.

    You can call the non-emergency dispatch number (425) 407-3999.

    Maybe you’ll see an “Ask the Edmonds Cop” segment on this in the near future….


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