Magic Toyota celebrates Highway 99 dealership remodel at grand opening Wednesday


Toyota executives and employees, local elected officials and friends and family were among those celebrating Wednesday afternoon as Magic Toyota officially cut the ribbon for its remodeled dealership on Highway 99 in Edmonds.

Located in the 21300 block of Highway 99, the dealership was originally known as Aurora Toyota before it was purchased by Michael Broadus in 1997 and became Magic Toyota.

To mark the occasion, Toyota regional and national executives joined Magic Toyota President Broadus and General Manager Peter Chung to celebrate the transformation of a 29,000-square-foot dealership to 47,500 square feet, complete with a parking deck that boasts 66 spaces.

Before the ribbon was cut, Toyota Regional General Manager Steve Haag and Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor North America Bob Carter presented Broadhus and Chung with a Katana sword.

“The Samurai was the warrior class in Japan, really from the 9th to the 12th century,” Haag said. “And the Katana sword itself was viewed as really an undefeatable weapon in that day. And it was a great honor for the Samurai to use this sword, but also to bestow it on their friends and partners.”

Because of the sword’s craftsmanship, “it’s viewed as a symbol of trust, integrity and really partnership and quality,” Haag continued. “And so with that, we bestow this on David and Peter as really being wonderful partners in the community here and with Toyota.”

Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling and 32nd District State Rep. Cindy Ryu offered brief remarks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“It’s really a treat to have this dealership in our town, mostly because I drive a Toyota,” Earling quipped. “It’s a great addition to our automobile community.”

Describing the newly remodeled dealership as a “functional and beautiful piece of property,” Ryu said that as a state legislator, she appreciated Magic Toyota for not only providing good jobs, but “for collecting all those taxes for us and paying all those B&O taxes for us. And the property taxes that you are paying to pay for all the schools and everything we need to function as a society.”

The remodeled dealership has several innovative features, including digital service drive. When the customer comes to the dealership and drives into the service entry — which includes four drive-through lanes so they don’t have to get out of their cars —  built-in lasers scan the vehicle and can see the depth of the tires and the alignment of the vehicle. The laser scan provides the customer with a full checklist of all of elements on the car that need to be checked — and this is sent directly to their phone.

The dealership also generates 85 percent of its own electricity via an on-site generator that burns natural gas, producing no emissions. The remaining 15 percent of the power comes from the Snohomish County Public Utility District. When usage drops at night, the generator keeps turning and pushes that energy back to the PUD, making it a net zero building.

— Story and photos by Teresa Wippel

3 Replies to “Magic Toyota celebrates Highway 99 dealership remodel at grand opening Wednesday”

  1. Good luck to Magic Toyota. Since I spent many happy years growing up on this property, I have a special interest in the company’s success. When we moved in 1938 to the southwest corner of what is now Highway 99 and 212th, the highway was only 11 years old and what became 212th was a narrow dirt road and usually called Holmes Road or sometimes the Edmonds Road. With the first street numbering it became 245th Street and much later when renumbered it was changed to 212th. The north section of the new Magic Toyota building is right where our house was located–so many years ago.


  2. A wonderful dealer, and partner in our community! Nice to hear that they’ve added the feature of being a net zero property on the Pud grid.


  3. Magic Toyota is terrific Dealer and contributes greatly to the Edmonds community. Maybe next time the City of Edmonds produces a video promoting visiting and shopping they can include some of our fine dealerships.


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