Missing a parrot in Edmonds?

Joy Whitten spotted this parrot near 3rd North and Edmonds Street Sunday night, and wonders if someone is missing the bird. “He/she was super friendly and even flew down to take seeds from our hands three times, but was quick enough that we couldn’t catch him,” Whiten said. “He stayed within a few trees of us from about 6:45-8:15 (p.m.). Finally a last-ditch effort to grab him scared him.” The parrot was last seen flying east across 3rd Avenue North still on Edmonds Street. Anyone wanting more information can call Whitten at 206-605-6429.

4 Replies to “Missing a parrot in Edmonds?”

  1. Tickles flew out the window yesterday. It stayed in the tree and talked to its owner my daughter for about 2 hours. He responds to Tickles and can say peekaboo, come uh-oh, good bird, good boy, doo doo, (like you are singing a song), come Echo (our dog), We put his cage out but he didn’t come back. We are in downtown Edmonds as well. When we first lost him. He was in a tree 30 feet up. Just behind our house. I don’t know of animal control can help.


  2. I’m the owner of this bird if anybody else sees him or hears could they please contact Joy I have left her a message and she has my phone number. Thank you so much. Susanna


  3. The parrot that Joy I found is indeed tickles. He is still lost. And we will be looking for him in the morning. Please contact me via this website if you hear him or see him thank you very much.



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