Reminder: Mayor’s next town hall Sept. 19

Mayor Dave Earling

Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling and city department directors will provide updates and answer questions at the next Edmonds Town Hall meeting Wednesday, Sept.19, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at North Sound Center (formerly Edmonds Conference Center), 201 4th Ave. N.

“My staff and I are always working to improve communications with our community, and these town halls offer a great opportunity for us to engage directly with the community and offer critical feedback on the issues of the day,” Earling said.

3 Replies to “Reminder: Mayor’s next town hall Sept. 19”

  1. I wanted to make quick comment for Town Hall Meeting since I most likely will not be able to attend. I want to thank council persons Fraley-Monillas, Buckshnis and Council President Nelson for keeping mindful of the people they represent and there duties and responsibilities and there role as Representatives of the people, Thank you. Regarding the recent Quasi-Judicial decision making powers as it relates to the use of Public land. Recently the council voted 4-3 to essentially change city code to remove in basic terms there “Veto” powers (quasi-judicial decision) of the use of Public/Community property. Essentially if citizens wants to voice there concerns over how the planned use of our public property is being used, the council has the power to actually make changes based on the citizens concerns and input even late in the process. Recently the other 4 Council people have chosen to shed these responsibility justifying possible City Financial Liability concerns, and city attorneys laced fear of dealing with big dollar amounts that Public property represents. The Council has voted in favor of changing this in our city code deferring them to court process. This change would put up representation and monetary barriers to us the people to be heard, it would require citizens to go through a court system to make there cases or voices heard, at an estimated cost of $500-$5000 dollars, this is not only stifling the peoples voice in regards to being heard and represented properly and easily, this change in code actually creates an exclusivity issue, by limiting Citizens voices who can’t afford or don’t simply have the time to take up a court proceeding to simply convey there message to there representatives regarding use of planned public property. The Gravity of this is quite disturbing, I don’t need City Council people redefining there roles based on City Financial Liability fears, the council deals with Financial Liability concerns in everything they do, that’s America today, look at there recent “Gun Safe” law that’s invited plenty of financial Liability to the City, so this Justification is simply an excuse to expunge responsibility, If the council members are uncomfortable with making large dollar decisions as they relate to Public property, and there possible Financial Liability to the city that could be incurred maybe they should not be on the council? Don’t dilute the peoples voice by complicating the process and adding cost barriers, totally unacceptable. Your role is to Represents us, yes being mindful of Financial risk to the city is important, but its not your main concern, Representing us and our voice is your role, there is many scenarios and logical reasons you have these Veto Powers giving them up, is reducing the peoples power and our voice, simple as that!


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