Letter to the editor: Thanks from Brooke and Randy Baker



To all the people who have come by to love on us these past couple of weeks when they learned the news of our departure from the helm at Chanterelle, well, we are nothing less than overwhelmed. We love you right back, all you sweet people! We thought somehow we might be able to slip away unnoticed, but that’s not how things turned out. You let us know how much you appreciate the hard work and long hours we put in all these years. You told us how you feel when you come in…warmly welcomed, comfortable, well fed  (Don’t let the new owner change a thing you pleaded!) You said how sad you were to hear we were leaving but how happy you are for us. Wow! What an emotional experience this farewell has been!

As we take off, we hand over the helm to Hoa Tran, who has assembled a solid management team from those already on staff as well as his daughter Tiffany. Hoa is a very experienced restaurateur who loves Chanterelle, and will undoubtedly guide it forward while maintaining what we have created. Frequent diners will be happy to see long time server and part time manager Diana assume the general manager position. Almost everyone on staff has stayed on, including everyone in the kitchen. So please come welcome Hoa, and let the staff know how happy you are to see them stay. They are due some of your “love, Edmonds” spirit too as they continue working hard for your dining (and drinking) pleasure.

Thank you again,
Brooke and Randy Baker

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  1. Brooke and Randy;
    You and your amazing Staff (we often wondered where you found these Folks!) created almost a Home away from Home for Helen and I over the years. When we would come in on those blustery, rainy evenings it was akin to entering my Grandma’s Kitchen when I was just a Lad. We have had more than enjoyed many…many Special Occasions at Chanterelle which were made extra special by Brooke, Vanessa, Jen, Troy, Janet, just to name a very few.
    You Folks have worked hard and brought so much to Edmonds and all of the people here. It’s your time now to enjoy the sweet fruit of your Labors. Have FUN!
    Much Peace and Love,
    Joe and Helen


  2. Enjoy every drop of retirement- you two deserve some time off to enjoy life! Thanks for all the yummy breakfasts, lunches and dinners!


  3. Thank you for providing Edmonds with such tasty food and welcoming comments every time I’ve come to eat and meet with friends. Enjoy a well-deserved retirement.


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