Letter to the editor: What special interests are working against Sen. Chase?



The effort to defeat Senator Chase in this election has expended over $120,000. A substantial amount of that represents contributions by Monsanto, Chevron, pharmaceutical interests, charter schools, developers, and real estate agents.

They use relentless attacks by The Seattle Times in their effort to to defeat Senator Chase.

Why are they doing this? They expect a return on investment. They want you to hire and pay for someone to work for them.

  • Monsanto probably wants no restrictions on their poisons.
  • Chevron probably wants no restrictions on their fossil fuels.
  • Pharmaceutical interests probably want no Medicare for all.
  • Charter school interests probably want to give your taxes to corporations to use as investment to make profit.
  • Developers probably want zoning for higher density housing so the “value” of your house raises, your taxes raise with that “value,” and you are forced to sell to them.
  • Real estate interests probably want the commission from the sales by owners taxed out of their houses.
  • The Seattle Times probably wants the advertising revenue from all these interests.

Don’t be fooled by the smear campaign: lies, deception, and innuendo. Those funding the smear campaign to defeat Maralyn Chase want money, specifically your money. Some want your home in the process.

Maralyn Chase represents the people of her district and of the state, not the interests that want to take advantage of and make money from her constituents.

Vote for Maralyn Chase, Senator, 32nd Legislative District. She will work for you, not against you.

Thomas White
Mountlake Terrace

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  1. Salomon personally visited over 13,000 homes to listen concerns and ideas. He is endorsed by Democrats Cindy Ryu and Lauren Davis , likely Position #1 and #2 State House of Representatives for 32nd District. Those are facts, not smears,lies, deception, and innuendo.


  2. Knocking on doors and visiting homes to solicit votes does not make somebody a good representative. Jesse Salomon ignored the public when he pushed through the horrible rezones in Shoreline and gave ridiculous tax breaks to developers. No thank you.


  3. I haven’t seen Salomon at meetings of the 32nd district ever in 2 years. Reports are that he attended once or twice. Why is he at the doors at campaign time but nobody has seen him vote on a resolution or an endorsement, or be part of a discussion, or weigh in on a decision of the membership of the district he wants to represent? Does he want to represent us? Who does he really want to represent?

    Salomon being endorsed by Ryu and Davis is unrelated to the viscous ad campaign financed to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by charter school proponents and REALTOR PAC.


  4. Allen Dale: I find this to be a very disingenuous response. If you are a registered voter, you have received the legion flyers sent out by the Stand for Children PAC and the Realtors PAC that are replete with twisted facts and outright lies.

    Maralyn Chase is endorsed by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Congressman Rick Larsen.

    In Washington state she has proven to be an effective legislator, colleague and teammate as is evidenced by her endorsement from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, State Senators Mankha Dingra, Sharon Nelson, John McCoy, Bob Hasegawa, Rebecca Saldana, David Frockt, Annette Cleveland, Steve Conway, Steve Hobbs, Sam Hunt, Andy Billig, Dean Takko, Lisa Wellman, Patty Kuderer, Jamie Peterson, Gerryy Pollet, Lillian Ortiz-Self, Sharon Tomiko Santos, and John Lovick.

    Snohomish County elected officials who have endorsed her are County Executive David Somers, County Council Chair Stephanie Wright, County Councilmember Brian Sullivan

    Moving on to King County: Councilmember Larry Gossett, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, Peter Steinbrueck, Port of Seattle.

    More locally: Edmonds City Councilmembers Adrienne Fraley-Monillas and Kristiana Johnson, Shoreline City Councilmember and former Mayor Chris Roberts, Lynnwood City Councilmembers Ian Cotton, Shirley Sutton, George Hurst, Mountlake Terrace City Councilmember Kyoko Matsumoto Wright.

    She has received the sole endorsement of the 32nd Legislative District Democrats Snohomish County Democrats, King County Democrats, Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle, Washington State Federation of Democratic Women, Young Democrats of Washington, Snohomish County Young Democrats, Washington State Progressive Caucus, Environment and Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democratic Party.

    I could go on for several more paragraphs; I could tell you about environmental groups, labor unions, and the Washington Education Association. But I am tired of typing.

    I invite you and all other readers to see the full list at maralynchase.com

    Cathy Baylor


    1. Fair enough.Interesting. So you will not be voting for 32nd State Rep.Cindy Ryu or 32nd State Rep. Democratic Nominee Lauren Davis who must also be very disingenuous because they support Jesse Salomon? Be consistent.


      1. Merely supporting Salomon is not disingenuous. The “smears, lies, deception and innuendo” that TOM referred to were contained in the PAC mailers. The mailers have nothing to do with Ryu or Davis. Ryu and Davis are, to my knowledge, not at all guilty of smears, lies and deception. And of course I will vote for them because they are the Democratic Party nominees.

        There is no inconsistency in my position, Alan. I would suggest that you re-read Tom’s letter in attempt to discern the true, “subject.”

        If Ryu and Davis are elected, I will support them fully, as I will also support whoever is elected to be the Senator of the 32nd Legislative District.


  5. I’m floored this is the perceived platform. Monsanto? Registered Independents are about double that of Crats and Republicans. People can’t relate to this.


    1. I’m neither a Democrat or Republican. I’m a centrist that prefers equal respect and responsibility for everyone. Jesse Salomon is a ladder-climbing narcissistic politician who’ll say anything to get elected. He’s raised taxes in Shoreline every chance he could, but gives tax breaks to developers. When challenged on this he cries “But I was a lawyer for kids!”, a job which he was paid handsomely for with benefits by taxpayers. Just because he’s done one positive thing in his professional career doesn’t excuse all the crap he pushed through on the Shoreline City Council. I dread thinking how he’ll raise taxes in the State legislature.


      1. Hi Noah, Again I agree with you just got to switch the names. If you don’t think we need a change, you should look into how much state tax we were paying when Chase started 17 years ago and how much we are paying now. It’s astronomical. Of course taxes will go up, but the rate in which it has is crazy and there is someone responsible in our district for that, it’s a our state legislators. Yes taxes will go up, but I do believe the rate with slow down with new leadership. Happy Voting!


        1. Jesse lied directly to folks about the rezone, and when confronted he blames the other city council members and sheepishly escapes the conversation. Jesse raised taxes in Shoreline every chance he could, but he also gave huge 12 year complete tax breaks to developers. Tax breaks aren’t free, other citizens need to make up for them with increased taxes.


    2. Whether or not a candidate is anti-war is practically the only thing I look for and appreciate in a candidate these days. Trump has started no new wars thus far, unlike Peace Prize Obama. This doesnt apply to local politics, as even Republicans are very far left, but I at least wanna like the rhetoric. I really commiserate with Noah and others here, and I was where he is 4 years ago, except lamenting Republicans.

      Someone, please try to answer this, Why does anyone run for office?


      1. Often times people run for office, other than for local offices like city councils, because they’re not able to make as much money doing anything else.


      2. Between work and kids, I’m really amazed someone has time to be a councilperson, for example. When I was active in campaigns, I felt like a lot of people were running for office just to be relevant. There’s a lot of divorsed dads looking for a form posterity, a lot of ladies with hate inside. It doesn’t attract the best people.


  6. State Senator Maralyn Chase is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the WA State Democrats. Jesse Salomon did not receive their endorsement. Jesse cannot hold a candle to Senator Maralyn Chase! Jesse lacks Senator Chase’s knowledge and experience and her passionate commitment to the people of the State of Washington. Unlike Jesse, Senator Chase has been endorsed by the WA Democratic Party, the WA Education Association, the WA State Labor Council, the Sierra Club, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Attorney General Bob Ferguson. During her 16 years in the WA state legislature, Senator Chase has sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to improve the lives of the people of our state. Two examples are ” A Future of Work Force Task Bill” and a carbon pollution bill. Jesse is not committed to public education. He accepted thousands of dollars in advertising paid for by the “Stand for Children Washington PAC an organization that seeks to privatize education. Jesse is not committed to the environment. He accepted large donations from Chevron and Monsanto (Round Up, Agent Orange and GMO’s). Please vote to re-elect Senator Maralyn Chase!


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