Prep cross country: E-W boys lead way among district team at Hole in Wall Invitational


With hundreds of runners from high schools and middle schools up and down the West Coast, the Nike Hole in the Wall Invitational is one of the biggest cross country meets in the state. And with their performances at the event on Saturday, the teams from Edmonds-Woodway, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood showed that they can compete with some of the best runners around.

The Warriors, Hawks and Royals were among the 116 high school and middle school teams participating in the Hole in the Wall Invitational at Lakewood High School in Marysville.

E-W led the way of Edmonds School District squads at the event, finishing third in the boys’ upper division race and 15th in the girls’ upper division race.

Terrace had enough runners to compete in both the boys’ upper and lower division; the Hawks placed 26th in the upper division race and 41st in the lower division race.

The Royals’ boys team earned 28th in the boys’ lower division run while the Lynnwood girls’ grabbed 11th in the girls’ lower division event.

All three teams will be joined by the Meadowdale Mavericks on Wednesday, Oct. 10, to face each other in the Edmonds School District Meet at Ballinger Park in Mountlake Terrace. Racing is set to begin at 3:30 p.m.

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Prep Cross Country: Edmonds-Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood at the Nike Hole in the Wall Invitational, Oct. 6 (5,000 meters at Lakewood High School in Marysville)

Boys’ upper division team scores (top three & local teams; 38 teams & 272 runners in event):

  1. Redmond  110
  2. Tahoma      148
  3. Edmonds-Woodway  154
  4. Mountlake Terrace  634

Boys’ lower division team scores (top three & local teams; 53 teams & 371 runners in event):

  1. Auburn Mountainview  141
  2. Arlington      188
  3. Sehome      206
  4. Lynnwood  784
  5. Mountlake Terrace 1031

Girls’ upper division team scores (top three & local team; 40 teams & 285 runners in event):

  1. North Central    75
  2. Lewis and Clark  187
  3. Glacier Peak  198
  4. Edmonds-Woodway  437

Girls’ lower division team scores (top three & local team; 40 teams & 275 runners in event):

  1. El Segundo (CA)    33
  2. Ingraham      183
  3. Camas      191
  4. Lynnwood  423

Edmonds-Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood boys’ finishes:

— Deyago Peraza (Edmonds-Woodway), 4th in upper division race, 15:14.2

— Lucas Lacambra (Edmonds-Woodway), 12th in upper division race, 15:31.3

— Dylan Hartono (Edmonds-Woodway), 13th in upper division race, 15:34.2

— Jaden Lofrese (Mountlake Terrace), 41st in upper division race, 16:02.0

— Micah Murphy (Lynnwood), 3rd in lower division race, 16:07.5

— Grant Christian (Edmonds-Woodway), 57th in upper division race, 16:15.6

— Alex Williams (Mountlake Terrace), 71st in upper division race, 16:21.7

— Jacob Willcox (Edmonds-Woodway), 85th in upper division race, 16:29.8

— Kalevi Paavola (Edmonds-Woodway), 94th in upper division race, 16:34.7

— Josh Beam (Mountlake Terrace), 114th in upper division race, 16:44.1

— Josiah Ponton (Edmonds-Woodway), 127th in upper division race, 16:48.2

— Ivan Moulton (Mountlake Terrace), 204th in upper division race, 17:28.7

— Jacob Potter (Lynnwood), 119th in lower division race, 17:47.1

— Matthew Mason (Lynnwood), 135th in lower division race, 17:54.3

— Kai Hinch (Mountlake Terrace), 146th in lower division race, 17:57.2

— Allen Hutmacher (Mountlake Terrace), 250th in upper division race, 17:58.9

— Jackson Marrott (Mountlake Terrace), 257th in upper division race, 18:08.6

— Mitchell Givens (Mountlake Terrace), 189th in lower division race, 18:18.5

— Jasper Sims (Mountlake Terrace), 208th in lower division race, 18:24.0

— Tymothy Harris (Mountlake Terrace), 267th in upper division race, 18:33.8

— Tod Gil Harris (Mountlake Terrace), 18:58.5

— Fernando Linan (Lynnwood), 19:01.2

— Trevor Leen (Mountlake Terrace), 19:01.4

— Musa Camara (Lynnwood), 19:03.8

— Raphael Miranda (Lynnwood), 19:28.3

— Preston Thrush (Mountlake Terrace), 19:37.7

— Anthony Chambers (Lynnwood), 19:39.9

Edmonds-Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood girls’ finishes:

— Alyssa Hershey (Edmonds-Woodway), 29th in upper division race, 18:36.2

— Stephanie Wroblewski (Edmonds-Woodway), 47th in upper division race, 18:53.1

— Ellie Gard (Edmonds-Woodway), 94th in upper division race, 19:45.1

— Jemma Willcox (Edmonds-Woodway), 112th in upper division race, 19:51.9

— Christina Savenkova (Lynnwood), 22nd in lower division race, 20:01.1

— Pressley Denkinger (Edmonds-Woodway), 174th in upper division race, 20:40.1

— Eya Tunkara (Lynnwood), 63rd in lower division race, 20:56.4

— Esther Himmelfarb (Lynnwood), 114th in lower division race, 21:42.0

— Donna Marie Harris (Lynnwood), 116th in lower division race, 21:44.2

— Erin Francisco (Edmonds-Woodway), 250th in upper division race, 22:01.3

— Haely Ferkingstad (Lynnwood), 144th in lower division race, 22:16.2

— Jenna Miller (Lynnwood), 160th in lower division race, 22:32.3

— Gergana Georgiev (Lynnwood), 230th in lower division race, 23:47.6

Next meet: Edmonds-Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood & Meadowdale at the Edmonds School District Meet, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 3:30 p.m. at Ballinger Park in Mountlake Terrace

— By Doug Petrowski

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