Ask the Edmonds Cop: Revisiting that right turn from ferry lanes to Dayton


Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley goes into more detail on the rules regarding when you can take a right turn, heading eastbound, from the Edmonds ferry lanes on Highway 104 to Dayton Street.

3 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: Revisiting that right turn from ferry lanes to Dayton”

  1. I’m still confused! One of the last remarks made was that you can turn either into the toll booth or onto Dayton from 104 outside the holding lane. So I’m understanding that if it’s not a busy time for the ferry and there is no one in the holding lane you can turn into the ferry ticket booth from 104? I didn’t know that.


  2. When I saw the title, I thought I knew exactly where this intersection was. But I got confused when the interviewer says, “… when you can turn right on Dayton Street headed east from the ferry…” However, I think she means when on 104 West headed toward the ferry (which at that point your car is pointed north) and wanting to take a right on Dayton to head east.

    Then later, the officer describes the lane next to the van as “…the lane that lets you travel northbound or turn left…” when I believe you can only turn left from that left lane.

    Anyway… I finally figured it out with help from Google maps, and I appreciate then info since I was not sure exactly how that turn works. Thank you.


  3. if the ferry holding lane is not in use, is it also permissible to turn right from Dayton (westbound) into the ferry booth lanes? Seems like it should be.


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