Edmonds Kind of Play: Spiders, sensory-friendly ECA show and library events


The new “Screen Time” feature on my iPhone shows me how much time I’ve spent on my phone each day with a breakdown of Social Networking, Productivity and Games among other categories. It also logs how many Pickups and Notifications you have per hour. I would never share with you today’s tally, except for the only part I’m proud of — the five minutes I spent on my QFC app, collecting my “Free Friday Download” and getting five boxes of cereal for 99 cents each. Plus, assuming I did it right, my card is set to donate to my son’s music program when I make purchases.

For all the Fortnite and YouTube the kids beg for, I’m equally into Instagram Stories — I like David Spade, Amanda Seales and Celeste Barber and a million more — and my “Screen Time” reflects that. It can be hard to strike the balance between screen time and events IRL (in real life). We found out earlier this year that the reason my youngest was avoiding skateboarding was for fear it would cut into his Xbox time. I have no intention of listing stats or making any judgments about screen use, but what I can say is there is some fun stuff to do locally in the upcoming week that isn’t screen-related — including game time, two shows and one event where you can bring a spider with you.

A cross spider.

One of the best times I put my name on an email list was during Puget Sound Birdfest in 2017. I now get emails from the Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden and while meeting my first criteria of good content, I don’t get a deluge of emails, so I can comfortably recommend getting onto the list. This Sunday, Nov. 4 at 1 p.m., you can join Dr. David Richman as he presents “Northwest Spiders That Jump and Dance.” Dr. Richman, a retired entomology professor and Edmonds Resident, will provide information on our local Northwest spiders and then share information and photos of some of his favorite Jumpers and Dancers. They ask that if you bring any spiders for David to identify, and if you’re like me you have access to plenty right now, to “be sure to bring a box or bag so you can return the spider to where you found it.”

Everyone is welcome and this includes kids with interests in spiders and, for younger children who may not be able to last through the entire presentation, crafts and coloring will be provided. This workshop, which is free (though donations are always welcome), will be held in the classroom at the Willow Creek Hatchery in Edmonds, 95 Pine St. Seating is limited to this event, which requires no pre-registration, so they ask that you please be on time.

On Dec. 2, the Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden is featuring a “Making Gifts For Birds and Bird Lovers” workshop and they have two work parties to help maintain the garden, one on Saturday, Nov. 10 and another on Saturday, Dec. 8. For more information on these workshops or work parties you contact [email protected].

Hobey Ford’s Sea Song

The Nov. 17 installment of the Edmonds Center for the Art’s Saturday Matinee will be held at the Black Box Theatre at Edmonds Community College and is designed to be accessible to young people on the autism spectrum. Hobey Ford’s “Sea Song,” a new sensory-friendly production, is about the interaction of animals who live in the world “where the land and sea meet.” The puppeteer used hand-crafted foam puppets to tell the story of a boy’s journey as he begins to discover and respect the natural world, especially the sea turtle on a trip to the beach to visit his grandmother. This performance also offers $2 Arts for Everyone tickets for families who qualify for free or reduced-price meal programs through the district. You can get tickets online at www.ec4arts.org or by phone at 425-275-9595.

Next week there are two great events at the Edmonds Library. First, Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m., The Traveling Lantern Theatre Company presents Pinocchio. Kids of all ages can come and watch as the adventures of life teach a bad little puppet, who doesn’t listen to anyone, about honesty and humanity, kindness and compassion. On Saturday, Nov. 10, you can celebrate International Games Day at the Edmonds Library from 2 to 4 p.m. Great selections of card and board games will be available throughout the day. This is a great way to get out of the house on a budget and to test out a game before you buy it. For more information on either event, and to see the other great offerings from the library, you can visit Sno-Isle.org.

— By Jennifer Marx

Jen Marx

Jen Marx, an Edmonds mom of two boys, is always looking for a fun place to take the kids that makes them tired enough to go to bed on time.

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