My Edmonds News publisher featured on ‘Biz and Life Done Well’ podcast

Teresa Wippel
Teresa Wippel

My Edmonds News publisher Teresa Wippel talks about her career path and her journalism and community service mission in the  latest “Biz and Life Done Well” podcast from Peter Wilson, founder and president of Edmonds-based

Wilson’s weekly podcast is aimed at exploring “what it means and what it takes to do business and life well.” He said he decided to start the interview series while listening to the podcast of Tim Ferriss, generally the top-ranked business podcast on all of Apple Podcasts.

biz-and-life-done-well graphic“Tim does in-depth interviews with his guests and they always sound like they’re having a lot of fun doing it,” Wilson said. “At that moment I realized I am surrounded by amazing people with great stories to tell. I wanted to make sure those stories got heard and enjoy some of the same kind of fun Tim has with his guests. I immediately started writing a list of names of potential guests for my podcast. When the list grew to over 50 names in less than ten minutes I knew I had to launch the podcast.”

Links to listen to the interview with Wippel, as well as other podcast episodes, can be found on the podcast homepage:

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