Police plan extra patrols at EWHS after threat made via social media


    Edmonds police said they will have extra patrols at Edmonds-Woodway High School on Thursday following an alleged threat involving a firearm that was made via social media toward the high school.

    Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Shane Hawley said the school resource officer stationed at the school investigated the incident Wednesday but police were unable to determine exactly where the threat came from.

    An Edmonds parent shared with My Edmonds News a screenshot of the photo, which showed up in her son’s Instagram feed. It shows a hooded figured carrying a firearm with the caption, “Time to have fun at Woodway.”

    In an email sent to parents Wednesday, Edmonds-Woodway Principal Terrance Mims said a student reported the image to the EWHS administrative team around noon, after it had shown up in the student’s Snapchat social media platform.

    “Our administrative team immediately involved our Edmonds Police Department School Resource Officer and a joint investigation was initiated,” Mims wrote. “At this time, we have no reason to believe that the safety of students or staff is at risk based on this social media post. We will, however, continue to investigate this matter.

    “Please know that we take all threats seriously, as the safety of our students is our greatest priority,” he added. “Remind your student(s) to report any potential threats to an adult immediately, as we do investigate all threats made towards Edmonds-Woodway High School and individual members of our school community.”

    Mims also said that parents or students can also use the school district’s tip reporting service — Safe Schools Alert — to file a confidential report. This may be done in four different ways:

    1. Phone: 425-551-7393

    2. Text: 425-551-7393

    3. Email: [email protected]

    4. Web: http://1480.alert1.us

    2 Replies to “Police plan extra patrols at EWHS after threat made via social media”

    1. I see the picture that is floating around. The Edmonds superintendent had emailed all the parents advising us that this threat was meant for Oregon. Based on the picture I’ve seen, it does NOT look like it the caption would be “edited”, as it was a snap chat caption. My child goes to an elementary school in Woodway area (near the old Woodway High school), how do we request extra police at all schools? We need to keep these kids safe, and we can’t take these threats lightly. Too many lives has been lost.


    2. It should also be a crime to refer to the high school as “Woodway.” Even “Edmonds-Woodway” is bad enough.


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