Scene in Edmonds: Opening day for 2018 Holiday Market


The annual Edmonds Holiday Market opened Saturday with an array of food and craft booths, many offering artisan-made, one-of-a-kind items for gift giving or maybe just for yourself.

The market will run from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on six Saturdays — Nov. 10 and 17, and Dec. 1, 8, 15 and 22. There will be no market on Thanksgiving weekend Saturday, Nov. 24.

For more information on the Edmonds Holiday Market visit their Facebook page here.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

3 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Opening day for 2018 Holiday Market”

  1. People might think this is a Festive Holiday Market,. Really, it does nothing for the business owners who are here every day, making Edmonds a better town.

    Short sighted by City Hall, but that’s nothing new. A slap in the face to Edmonds business owners. There is nothing this market brings to Edmonds, that is not already available in shops who pay rent in Edmonds, every month.

    The City of Edmonds charges business owners an additional TAX for being in Business (the failure of Ed!, a BID). Do the people in the Market pay into Ed! ?. If they get a City Business Lisc for the Holiday Market, it would be illegal for them to do business within the defined boundary of the BID, without taxation by the City as a BID member.

    And the business owners who have complained about this market for years, are ignored by the City of Edmonds.
    Edmonds City Hall, fails again.


  2. My family where presently surprised by the existence of this winter market as we walked through Edmonds last weekend, and actually had some great conversations with some of the vendors and picked up some tasty handmade olive oil, among other items. Edmonds is in desperate need of a year round farmers market and has the space up at the civic field project to accommodate this demand, I plan on pushing this agenda. Regarding Mr. Malgarin being a local business owner paying his dues, I think he and any existing local business should be allocated priority in space to participate for free in this 6 hour market event for the next 6 weeks no questions about it, and if conflicting offerings within reason is planned they should have priority. I disagree with the fact that this takes away from local businesses as a general statement in the downtown area. Any variation and vibrant draw to our downtown actually leads to discovery and awareness of great experience that could lead to more business for all in the future. The market is located in front of City Hall that is closed on Saturday great way to spark activity in the center of our town and continue to contribute to Edmond’s uniqueness and Character.


  3. Michael McMurray’s comment about existing Edmonds businesses being allocated free space is right on, and makes sense. .

    I also understand and respect Mr. Malgarin’s comment.

    Two very well thought out commentaries. Nice job gentlemen.


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