DOJ: Edmonds child care centers agree to improve staff training for those with diabetes


The operator of three child care centers in Edmonds settled a civil investigation with the U.S. Department of Justice by agreeing to a series of steps to accommodate attendance at the centers by children with diabetes, U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes announced Thursday.

According to the announcement, Grow with Us child care centers agreed to train managers and staff on American with Disabilities (ADA) regulations and more specifically, how to manage diabetes in children.

The agreement follows complaints from the foster parents of a child with Type I diabetes, alleging that the child care center refused to take reasonable steps to modify their policies, practices, and procedures to accommodate the child’s medical needs, the announcement said.

Growth With Us Preschool and Childcare, which has locations on Edmonds Way, 84th Avenue West and 196th Street Southwest, emailed the following statement to My Edmonds News Thursday night:

“Grow With Us for 30 years has always and will always continue to educate and train all management, staff and new employees on American with Disabilities (ADA) regulations and how to manage children with diabetes. We will continue to proudly serve children with all disabilities and follow ADA regulations.”

Hayes said in the announcement that the Americans With Disabilities Act “is clear that all children, regardless of their health status, deserve full and equal access to schools, camps and daycare centers. I am pleased that after we began our investigation, ‘Grow With Us’ child care centers agreed to take steps to ensure their facilities were in full compliance with the ADA.”

According to the settlement agreement, the child care centers will provide a staff member to assist children with diabetes with routine care tasks such as testing blood sugar levels and administering insulin by pen, syringe or pump. The child care centers agree to train managers and staff and provide diabetes management information on its website.

The centers also have committed to report to Department of Justice about those leading the training and the training materials used by the center, the announcement said.

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