Healthy Eating: Eat better in 2019, one day at a time

The new year is just days away. This is the time when people hurry up and get things accomplished before the end of the year and start to think about plans for 2019. Thinking about resolutions comes to mind. These resolutions often involve health-related topics, which include losing weight, eating better and exercising more.

Thus during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, people hurry up and eat whatever they want and as much as they want…because on Jan. 1 things are going to be different. Really? Most folks lose their resolve to uphold resolutions by week two of the New Year! Changing habits is hard work. Very very hard work. It is not easy to eliminate foods that we love, especially if they are sweet or salty.  Changing habits takes at least 14-21 days and even then it is easy to fall off the wagon because temptations are everywhere around us.

I went to culinary school and specialized in baking and pastries. That means I really love sweets, pastries, bread, cake, cookies, etc. I love making them and I love eating them. I love sharing them with my friends, family and neighbors.  People look forward to receiving my goodies during the holidays or when I have too much zucchini from the garden or too many brown bananas — zucchini and banana bread are left at their doorsteps! But do I eat what I make all the time?  No. Moderation and balance are critical.

In the cancer world of which I am a card-carrying member, there have been loads of studies about the impact of sugar and cancer. Many of these studies have been misinterpreted and the adage “sugar feeds cancer” has become commonplace. I do believe that eating too much of anything (sugar, fat, carbohydrates, red meat, pasta, and the list goes on…) can contribute to ongoing or chronic health problems as well as create health issues. However, eliminating all of these things from our diet is very challenging.