Healthy Eating: Savory or sweet, these treats are just right for holiday season

Coconut Chocolate Nut Truffles

This is the time of year when our eating and drinking habits can get out of control easily.  During the holiday season, overeating can be a serious problem, leaving us feeling tired, stressed and generally unwell. Lots of family gatherings, office parties and holiday festivities with friends offer us an abundance of opportunities for overindulging.

I find that denying myself treats does not work. This is the time of the year when moderation comes into practice. I try to choose things that I will enjoy and then when I eat the chosen food item, I try to eat slowly and savor the food. Noticing tastes and textures enhances the experience and leaves me feeling satisfied (rather than craving more.)  It’s especially rewarding when you try new foods or special treats that may be higher in calories.

Mindful eating is not an easy practice. Slowing down when everyone else seems to be rushing around is a challenge. Like any practice, it takes time and patience to work as well as to make it a habit. You will discover that by using this simple practice (which requires no special equipment!), you enjoy your food more and eat less. It’s a win-win situation. Your body will be much happier and your demeanor will be calmer.

I offer two new recipes that allow you to bring healthful treats to potlucks and parties at this time of year. And the best part is that most people will not realize that they are eating something that is good for them! One item is savory and the other item is sweet.

I hope you enjoy the food pleasures of the season with a sense of delight and discovery.  Best wishes for lovely season of light with a dose of mindfulness.

Coconut Chocolate Nut Truffles