Edmonds Diversity Commission focuses on 2019 priorities, goal setting


The Edmonds Diversity Commission began 2019 by welcoming new leadership during its January meeting last week.

New co-chairs Pat Valle and Anabel Hovig led the commission in an annual planning session and welcomed newly appointed Commissioner Mindy Woods.

The recent distribution of literature by a white supremacist group to several communities in and around Edmonds was heavy on many minds. The commission participated in a neighborhood rally and released a statement condemning racist ideology in our community.

During public comments, a representative from ReSound — Royce Napolitano — thanked the commission for its recent grant and updated the group regarding its upcoming performance. ReSound will present “Let Justice Roll Down – A Multi-Media Musical Journey to Selma and Back.” The performance was created in 2017 by a youth group from Seattle who had retraced the steps of the American Civil Right movement. The intent is to call on white Americans to “bring awareness to and ameliorate institutional racism and white privilege.” The local performance will feature a 10-voice chamber group and be held on Monday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m., Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood (6215 196th St. S.W.). Learn more at www.resoundsing.org.

A representative from Ed, the Edmonds Downtown Alliance, also spoke and invited the Diversity Commission to review ways to partner in Edmonds. The Partnerships Sub-Committee will engage with Ed in the first quarter.

In the city update, Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas reported that the city referred two Youth Commission applicants to serve as the youth member or student representative to the Edmonds Diversity Commission. Patrick Doherty, from the city, updated the commission on the status of the additional support staff, at approximately 40 hours per month. The position will be posted on the city’s website during the first half of January and any interested candidates are invited to apply.

The vast majority of the meeting was spent evaluating the current sub-group/work group structure and assigning membership for each work group. The structure will remain largely the same.

The Partnerships and Communications sub-group will focus on external interaction with the community, media and grant program management. The 2019 sub-group members are: Sarah Mixson, Dean Olson and Mindy Woods.

The City Policy sub-group will focus on internal stakeholders, including the city council and administration. The 2019 sub-group members are: Anabel Hovig, Donnie Griffin and Maria Montalvo.

The Events sub-group will focus on the wide range of events put on by the commission each year, including the film series, world café, youth forum, 4th of July parade participation and any special events. The 2019 sub-group members are: Ed Dorame, Brian Potter and Pat Valle.

Each sub-group committed to selecting a lead and developing its goals for 2019 prior to the February meeting. A retreat will be discussed during the February meeting to finalize commission planning.

Members of the commission, along with the Diversity Commissions from nearby cities, will participate in informational sessions at the upcoming Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. at Edmonds Center for the Arts Jan. 21. For more information, contact Edmonds Center for the Arts. In addition, Bully is the next movie in the Diversity Film Series, presented the third Saturday of each month during the school year at the Edmonds Theater. All of the films are screened at no cost to viewers thanks to the support of the commission and the Edmonds Theater.

The Edmonds Diversity Commission typically holds its public meetings on the first Wednesday of every month (6-8 p.m.) at the Edmonds Senior Center. Check the website for dates and locations. Information about the meetings, city-sponsored and other diversity events in Edmonds, and resources for issues related to diversity and inclusion can be found at the Commission’s webpage: www.edmondswa.gov/diversity-commission-home.html.

— Submitted by Maria Montalvo, Edmonds Diversity Commission 


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