Edmonds Police Blotter: Jan. 1-8, 2019


Jan. 1

22100 block Highway 99: Domestic verbal dispute reported.

22100 block Highway 99: A suspect was arrested and booked for two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

700 block Northstream Lane: Drunk adults had an argument and one of them went to neighbors complaining about treatment. Another intoxicated female was located inside the residence and transported to the hospital.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Police responded to a report of threats made by a psychiatric patient to staff.

21900 block Highway 99: Shoplifting was reported.

23800 block Highway 99: Police responded to report of a subject with mental health issues.

19000 block Ocean Avenue: Following up on a parking complaint, police located a car with a passed-out male in the driver’s seat. An infraction was issued for opening marijuana in public.

Jan 2

22900 block 76th Ave. W. Verbal domestic dispute reported.

300 block Admiral Way: A woman reported a theft of fuel from her boat on at least two occasions while it was moored at Port of Edmonds Marina.

16100 block North Meadowdale Road: Police responded to a verbal disagreement between a husband and wife.

400 block 2nd Avenue North: Verbal domestic dispute reported.

5500 block 238th Street Southwest: Edmonds PD provided a K9 assist to Mountlake Terrace police for a robbery with a weapon.

Jan. 3

23900 block Highway 99: A verbal domestic dispute occurred.

22900 block Edmonds Way: An abandoned bike was found in landscaping of church.

100 block West Dayton: A verbal argument occurred between ex-girlfriend and boyfriend at motel.

18800 block 80th Avenue West: A woman told police that a male friend and former house guest has become infatuated with her, showing up at her residence when she blocked his ability to call her. There was no prior romantic relationship between the two.

23600 block Highway 99: A man who shoplifted merchandise was located and cited by police.

9700 block Edmonds Way: A woman customer broke a display case.

Jan. 4

Main Street/84th Avenue West: Reporting party was followed by an unknown car while driving home.

22000 block Highway 99: A man attempted to steal a display model phone from a store.

250 5th Ave. N.: Husband and wife had an argument.

700 block 15th Way Southwest: A man who trespassed, burglarized and caused property damage was arrested on local charges and a warrant.

23900 block Highway 99: Police responded to an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

7900 block 212th Street Southwest: Police received a report that a vehicle rear license plate and tires were stolen.

1000 block Puget Drive: A verbal argument between boyfriend and girlfriend occurred.

8500 block 242nd Street Southwest: A man fled his house after assaulting his girlfriend.

Jan. 5

9400 block 244th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal argument between boyfriend and girlfriend.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A man unable to pay for his food is removed from a restaurant

300 block Admiral Way: Police responded to a domestic violence issue with a weapon and a suicide. (See related story.)

100 block West Dayton: Wallets were stolen from a local athletic club, and fraudulent charges made.

Jan. 6

19800 block 81st 81st Place West: Leaflets were distributed throughout neighborhood. (See related story.)

21300 block 80th Avenue West: A vehicle was stolen from an apartment parking lot.

17000 block 65th Place West: A firearm was accidentally discharged in a residence.

1000 block Main Street: A man passed out in his running vehicle was arrested for DUI

23900 block Highway 99: Domestic argument reported.

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A woman was arrested for DUI.

9100 block 192nd Street Southwest: A man called 911 to report an Oregon license plate had been placed on his vehicle. The plate came back registered to a stolen vehicle.

22200 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for a felony warrant and a woman was arrested for identity theft.

Jan. 7

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A dine and dash was reported at a restaurant.

19900 block Maplewood Drive: Police responded to a verbal argument between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend.

8400 block 240th Street Southwest: An elderly couple was involved in a domestic dispute.

Jan. 8

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A man loitering at a business was removed.


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