From the Edmonds Mayor: The Mayor’s office

Dave Earling

Oh my yes, we do have an expansive staff in the Mayor’s office! Seven years ago, we began with two in the office and now seven years later, we are way up to two in the office. Truth is, if I did not have my Executive Assistant, Carolyn LaFave, we would need more staffing.

When I became mayor, we did an expansive search to staff the position and as I recall we had in excess of 100 applications. I pulled in our HR Department, a couple of my directors and we went to work.

As with any application pool, we received many very good candidates… and some, well, not so good. After a couple of screening exercises, we narrowed the list to six finalists, all of whom we interviewed. There were three of the candidates I could have worked with, all highly qualified and multi-skilled, but one was a clear choice. It was Carolyn LaFave!

Previous to joining the city staff, Carolyn worked for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. Before that, she worked for Honeywell. Her work at the chamber gave her a broad perspective of the city, an understanding of the dynamics of the community and South Snohomish County, and helped her develop many key contacts throughout Edmonds, including some city staff.

Carolyn LaFave

Carolyn’s duties are many. Yes, she answers the phones, makes appointments, keeps me on schedule, and all that “stuff.” She also works extensively with the Sister City Commission, manages applications when I interview and appoint members to the city’s boards and commissions, sits in on certain key meetings, produces the city’s quarterly newsletter and, at times, simply helps me maintain my sanity!

She of course is also on point daily and often is a key contact at City Hall for citizens — providing information and helping them get to the right department for answers to their questions.

As you may have calculated by now, she is a valued employee to me, the staff and the city. Many of you know or at least recognize her from her time working with the chamber and city. If you have the opportunity, take a moment and thank her.

— By Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling

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  1. On top of all she does, it is with a smile and making people feel they are the only one she has to deal with at that moment. She even spends time nursing little birds back to consciousness when they strike a window on her way to get morning coffee. An asset to the City and an all round nice person!


  2. I am glad the Mayor is bragging about how good public employees can be. I suggest he also brag about how wonderful our tap water is and that the bottled water widely sold and advertised does not meet the safety and purity standards of tap water. The common bottled water in plastic get “poluted” by the plasticizing chemicals that leach out of the bottle when it sits in a hot truck or warehouse. These plasticizers act as female hormone precursors. Plus the fuels burned to move the bottled water to market is huge compared to the nearly carbon free gravity fed tap water. The only really safe bottled water is distilled water in a glass container. The advertising budgets of the commercial water industry have done their job. Many people think bottled water is better than tap! What say you Mayor Earling!


  3. Carolyn is the best. I was a member of the sister city delegation to Hekinan Japan this past April and Carolyn was very helpful. She was always very kind, helpful and maded this a truly memorable trip. The city should be honored and proud of having a person of Carolyn’s caliber representing our great city. Carolyn thank you for all your service.


  4. I first met Carolyn years ago when sending my then high school aged daughter on the student exchange to Hekinan. She was always professional and pleasant to deal with and her willingness to answer any concerns we could think of greatly helped alleviate some of the natural worry that a parent sending their child overseas on their own would feel. (ok – as part of a group – with wonderful chaperones at that but a mom still worries!)
    We reconnected with the group when a member of this year’s adult delegation from Japan was a friend my daughter made during her time in Japan. Carolyn reaches out to our family and extended a warm welcome to join the group’s festivities and much to my surprise, recognized us upon arrival.
    I commend the mayor and his staff and all those we have interacted with at various times. Your love of Edmonds shows in the fine quality of the public face you present.


  5. This is a really nice article that pretty much sums up Carolyn. Having said that, she is a kindred soul that knows exactly how to handle a situation. She is the perfect person to be working for the Mayor. Great editorial Mayor.


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