Main Street Commons on track; construction to begin soon


According to project developer Mike McMurray, the Main Street Commons project located at 6th and Main in downtown Edmonds is proceeding on schedule for construction to begin later this year. McMurray says that if all goes according to schedule, the first businesses could possibly open in time for this year’s holiday season.

The latest development — which should warm the hearts of sushi fans still mourning the abrupt closure of Alderwood’s Blue C Sushi — is that the irrepressible McMurray has been working with Shubert Ho (Salt & Iron, Bar Dojo, Mar•ket and Shooby Doo Catering) on an agreement to add a sushi establishment to Main Street Commons, featuring one of the area’s top sushi chefs. Read more details in reporter James Spangler’s latest My Edmonds News restaurant column.

“A top sushi restaurant was the number-one request I received from the community during my planning process,” said McMurray. “Shubert and I subsequently discussed this, and when he told me he knew a top sushi chef who might be interested we went for it.  I’m absolutely thrilled to report that we currently have a tentative letter of intent, and I’ve put the permitting process for Main Street Commons on temporary pause until we adjust the plans to include a sushi restaurant. Being able to deliver on Edmonds’ number-one request is really exciting for me, and more importantly for Edmonds’ citizens.

“And I personally want to thank all Edmonds locals for submitting more than 200 email suggestions,” he added. “You are being heard, and are most appreciated!”

Updated plans for the Main Street Commons include additional landscaping with a large tree along Main Street (“pending City approval,” added McMurray).

Check the accompanying renderings for the latest design tweaks.

— By Larry Vogel

10 Replies to “Main Street Commons on track; construction to begin soon”

  1. This sounds pretty excellent but I do feel the need to plug the great and already-in-business Sushi Moto up on 99. Go check it out if you haven’t already!


  2. Beautiful design, and a sushi restaurant in Edmonds will be fabulous! My concern is parking. With all current parking spaces on this lot removed, can Main Street and 6th Avenue absorb the additional demand? Or will the ever-increasing difficulty of finding parking in Edmonds result in the unintended consequence of discouraging people to come here to shop and eat? The field just a couple blocks away will soon become an attractive park. That’s a wonderful asset for our city and is sure to attract more people downtown, but where will they park?


  3. Mike, I’m really hoping you could add more parking. It’s been a zoo on 6th and we have no parking for residents.
    Also, putting a sushi restaurant in when the Orcas are dying doesn’t seem great to me. Am I missing something?


    1. I’m hoping for some good veggie sushi options. Take a look at Beyond Sushi from NY. They are doing great with their veggie sushi!


  4. Congratulations on moving ahead with this project. I know how much you love Edmonds and want to continuing making it a great destination for locals as well as those beyond our city limits seeking good food and a wonderful outing experience. Also, thanks for including some parking!


  5. Will there be underground parking? Taking away the current parking lot will only make the downtown Edmonds parking situation that much worse. Please consider how to add parking!


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