Scene in Edmonds: A special tribute for a 6-year-old

Edmonds resident Jovee Wirtz with her flag. (Photo courtesy the Wirtz family)

Edmonds resident Jovee Wirtz, 6, received a special gift earlier this week: A U.S. flag that flew at half mast at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan following the death of President George H.W. Bush.

According to Jovee’s mom, Briana Wirtz, the flag — in a special engraved box — came to her from her godfather, who is serving as a contractor protecting the U.S. Embassy.

As an Edmonds Elementary kindergartener last year, Jovee always stood under the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and for Veterans Day, she and her classmates “learned the military hymns and sang them proudly,” Briana Wirtz said, adding that Jovee even sang the Marine hymn for her godfather.

“He was so impressed with her enthusiasm, he mentioned her to his higher-ups while on duty this past summer,” Briana Wirtz said. “The word got around and the soldiers decided she should be rewarded for her allegiance.”┬áThe flag was taken down, signed, boxed and sent to Jovee, along with a certificate of appreciation.


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